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Sources and history of these notes

The following references are the source of the Chess Problem Notes (CPN), which I have written (1983-2007). In this blog there will be overlays with CPN, but also many additions.

1912 : Alain White, ”The Theory of Pawn Promotion”.

1960 : Irving Chernev, “Chessboard magic!”, Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-20607-6.

1964 : Jean Bertin, ”Initiation au Problėme d’ échecs” (Introduction to chess problems), Stock.

1967 : Triantafyllos Siaperas, ”Chess, volume I“, Athens.

1970 : John Rice, ”An ABC of Chess Problems”, Λονδίνο, Faber and Faber.

1974 : Ghenrikh M. Kasparyan, ”Domination in 2,545 Endgame Studies”, Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1980, (translation of the Russian edition of 1974).

1983 : Emmanuel Manolas. During winter 1983-84 I had presented the first draft of the CPN to chess players of S.O.P. (Chess Group of Patras), where I was serving as General Secretary. A part of the CPN was later published in the chess magazine “Xilopirgos” of the city Xylokastron, (8 issues 1984-1986, editor Vassilis Markellos).

1985 : John Nunn , ”Solving in Style”, Great Britain, Gambit Publications Ltd, 2002, ISBN 1-901983-66-8.

1990 : Byron Zappas, "Skakistikes sinthessis" (Chess compositions), Athens

1996 : Sid Pickard, editor , ”The Puzzle King. Sam Loyd's Chess Problems and Selected Mathematical Puzzles”, Dallas, Pickard & Son Publishers, 2006, ISBN 1-886846-05-7.

2006 : Pavlos Moutecidis, "75 Jubilee Tourney 2005-6", Greek Chess Composition Committee, December 2006.

2006 : Emmanuel Manolas. The presentation of the second revised version of CPN in 2006 took place in the resort of the athletic team Panionios of New Smirni, (Wednesdays 25/10, 01-08-15-22-29/11/2006). The edition was augmented with various articles (*) I had written for the Greek Wikipedia, translating or adapting elements from various (English, German and Greek) sources. The edition is quite extended, with figurines, with additional themes and biographies of problemists. It contains 125 problems (106 problems of 83 foreign composers, and 19 problems of 10 Greek composers) written as an introductory text for teaching chess problems.

2008 : Emmanuel Manolas. I have decided to transcribe the CPN into a Greek-language-blog : . The internet facilitates linking of sources. It is the contemporary way of communication with the friends problemists : duplex but without time constraints. Google analytics showed that 30% of the visitors tried to translate the Greek text using babel fish technology. Knowing that this procedure is completely inadequate, I have decided to translate the Greek blog into English :

Other sources:
Chess magazine "To Mat" (the mate).
Chess magazine "O Skakistis" (the chess player).
Chess magazine "Ellinika Skakistika Chronika" (Greek chess chronicles).
Chess columns of various newspapers.

(*) Articles I have written or modified in Greek Wikipedia. All these are covered by posts of this blog. Additional material will be written only in the blog : Chess compositions, Chess compositions/terminology, Notations used by problemists, Chess problem, Study, Theme, Key, Orthodox chess problem, Helpmate, Selfmate, Proof analysis, Madrasi,
Maximummer, Duplex, Grimshaw, problem Steinitz’ gambit, problem Excelsior, Milan Vukcevich, Walter Grimshaw, Byron Zappas, Olympic winner Stavros Iatridis, Genrich Kasparyan, Sam Loyd, Lorentzo Mabillis, Pavlos Moutecidis, Triantafyllos Siaperas.

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