Friday, February 13, 2009

Nine Studies in Corus 2009

This is an extract from an article by Yochanan Afek (IM) which appeared in Chessbase.

A Chess Studies Solving Contest was organized in 13-02-2009 (Study Day), during a Wijk aan Zee Tourney.
The solvers have tried to solve nine studies in three hours. The studies were difficult enough, created especially for this contest by the composers Jan Timman, Yochanan Afek, Piotr Murdzia, Andjey Jasic, Gady Costeff, Ilham Aliev and Siegfried Hornecker.

Surprising everybody, the first place were conquered (with 36/45) by the eighteen years old Twan Burg, from the small town Schijndel, in Brabant of Holland, leaving the next places for ...
2. John Nunn, 32/45, (English GM, twice world champion in solving),
3. Eddy van Beers, 28/45, (Belgian champion),
4. Dolf Wissmann, 22/45, (GM, champion of Holland),
5. Martin van Essen, 22/45.

The first three solvers have received money prizes, and a special book with studies from Corus-1970 contest was given to everyone.
In the photos of the article you will see the collector Harold van der Heijden giving his collection with 70,000 studies as a prize to Dolf Wissmann.

In the article you will find one of the studies (by Gady Costeff, White plays and draws) of the contest, without its solution, for you to solve.

(Update from ChessBase: The solution is published here, with two more studies). Some more studies and problems from the British solution contest here

Mr Gady Costeff has created special software (Chess Query Language, CQL) allowing searching of themes inside files with games or with studies (as is the collection of Harold van der Heijden mentioned before).

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