Thursday, March 19, 2009

Special dedication

Nikos Pergialis, the last rembetis (popular song composer and performer), writes :

I dedicate one of my best problems to the friend of Rembetiko song Manolas Manolis, excellent composer and analyst, together with some verses...

Ston kafene' tou Manola' // ka'pnize o Ma'vros ton loula' // ki e'kane fassari'a //
ke o Mano'lis Manolas' // tsi'likos ke palikaras' // ton e'kopse sta tri'a.

(In the coffee-house of Manolas // the Black was smoking houkah // and was making fuss //
so Mano'lis Manolas' // fresh from the mint and brave // cut him in three).

Notes : Cut him in three, because the problem has three solutions!
Some of the words remind me a song by Markos Vamvakaris, back in 1936.

(Problem 323)
Nikos Pergialis,
original, 2007,(dedicated to Manolas),
Helpmate in 2. Three solutions.
h#2 ( 4 + 2 )

Key : 1. cxb1=R+! Ka2 2. Rb5 Ra3#
Key : 1. cxb1=S! Rb3 2. Sa3 Rb4#
Key : 1. c1=B! Rc5 2. Ba3 Bc2#

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