Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dedication for Manolas-60 (and Exercise)

Mr Ioannis Kalkavouras, internationally known composer, has composed a more-mover problem and has dedicated it to the Composition Contest Manolas-60, which was recently announced. We warmly thank him.

The readers may try to solve this problem (it has a main logical variation) and post their solution as comment.
We furthermore expect, from the more creative readers, to e-mail entries to the composition contest Manolas-60 (closing July-12-2010).

(Problem 386)
Kalkavouras, Ioannis, (after W. Bar)
Dedicated to "JT Manolas-60"
Mate in 9 moves.
#9 (7 + 8)

The thematic try is [1.Rf5+? gxf5!].

Key : 1.Rh6! Kg5
2.Rh3 ( > 3.Sh7# ) Kf6
3.Sc5 ( > 4.Sxd7# ) Rxc5
4.Rh6, Kg5
5.Rxh2, Kf6
6.Rg2 g5
7.Rh2 g4
8.Rh5 ~

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