Friday, March 12, 2010

Good placing

Important position for Manolas Emmanuel with 35 points (see in an internet solving contest (see
Second Greek contestant : Themis Argyrakopoulos.

Comment :
The contest is organized via internet and this means that anyone can participate.
It is an activity inside Facebook and someone must be a “friend” in order to see the announcement. (You may find me in and try to be enlisted in the group Chess Compositions and Puzzles).
When the preannounced post with the problems becomes visible, in some countries is night and thus the solvers-to-be will see them later and they will have a time handicap.
The problems must be solved without help of the computer. This cannot be checked, thus the contest is based on the honesty of the solvers.
The results do not offer titles to the solvers.
Finally, the contest runs just for fun (and some promotion for the blog of the organizers) and we should not give to it more credit than that.
It is also true that well-known persons from the world of the solvers are among the contestants.

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