Saturday, June 12, 2010

The deadline for JT-Manolas-60 is near

Dear readers,
these last weeks there were no posts on this blog, because I had heavy workload as a school teacher (period of exams for students).
Some recent posts in the parent blog ( in Greek language) were of local interest only, so they were not translated.
For example, tomorrow a solving contest will be held for the Greek championship. Well, it has been not announced here, but I will soon post the selected problems.

Now, I have special interest for the international composition contest [Jubilee Tourney Manolas-60], whose deadline 2010-July-12 is near.
I invite you to participate.
A table with already received problems is placed on the upper right of this blog.
In some sections you can easily calculate your chances of winning :)

Many thanks to the participants
and best regards to all readers
Manolas Emmanuel

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