Monday, April 30, 2012

Time for cross...

The elections for Greek government are closing in (May 06, 2012) and (almost) everyone here is thinking which candidate member of parliament should be voted (this is expressed with a small cross in front of the candidate's name).

I think about the cross of the election, too, so I composed a simple helpmate three-mover.
(Do you suppose I am monomaniac? I will seek advice.)

8/8/3k4/3b4/1bpKps2/3Q4/3r4/8 w

Manolas Emmanuel

h#3 (two solutions)

1.Be6 Ke3+ 2.Ke5 Qf1 3.Rd5 Qxf4#

1.Bf7 Kxe4+ 2.Ke6 Qc3 3.Rd7 Qe5#

Orthogonal - Diagonal transformation.

(Note : After Problem-509, 20 + 36 problems were published here (which supposedly have the numbers 510 - 565), so today's is Problem-566).

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