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Holiday with Chess Compositions

A Holiday with Chess Compositions

Sunday, January 6th

A holiday dedicated to chess compositions is organized by "Chess Club Zinon Glyfada (Greece)" on Sunday, January 6, 2013 in the afternoon, from 18:15 to 20:30. Youngsters and grown-ups which already have experience of the chess game, but small or none experience of the chess problems, will have the opportunity to be initiated to the beautiful world of Chess Compositions by the Champion Nikos Mendrinos. Then, they will try their hand in various relevant contests with properly chosen problems and they will attend - or take part in - a Chess Solving show (with awards books, cup and medals). They will also be introduced to top Greek problemists.

Place : the Club rooms at Sofias Vembo 18, Ano Glyfada (near KAPI Karahaliou).

For more info call 210 9833452 (Nikos Mendrinos) and 6938476727 (Marios Anastassiou). The persons, interested to attend, please e-mail: to facilitate the organizers.

For warming-up, you may try to solve the following two-mover by Nikos Pergialis, without looking first at the underwritten solution.

Nikos Pergialis
8/5R1B/7p/6kp/6Sr/7b/3S1K2/8 (5 + 5)

Key : [1.Ke3! [2.Rg7#]
1...Bxg4 2.Se4#
1...Rxg4 2.Sf3#
1...hxg4 2.Rf5#] (Select the space between the square brackets to see the solution)

We observe that the white Knight on g4 can be captured with 3 ways, resulting in 3 different mates. This is named Anti-Triple, and since the black defences are self-blocks we have the Theme Stocchi.

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