Sunday, December 16, 2012

Three duplex helpmates

In helpmates, the black plays first and helps the white to give mate. There is no adversativity (unlike OTB games), but cooperation for a common goal.
In duplex problems there is another solution, where the white plays first and helps the black to give mate. Cooperation in the fullest.
Nikos Pergialis is the last rebetis (creator - singer of rebetiko songs) and he likes to write verses for his chess compositions!

Nikos Pergialis
6r1/6P1/8/8/8/7K/8/5k2 (2 + 2)
h#2, duplex

(Black plays first) 1.Re8 g8=Q 2.Re1 Qg2#

(White plays first) 1.Kh2 Rxg7 2.Kh1 Rh7#

TypeWenigsteiner (up to 4 pieces), Ideal mates.

Ime trel'os ki ap'itharhos, m'agkes mou, ti na g'ini. (I am crazy and undisclipinary - dudes, that's it).
'Ezisa ke pol'emisa gia ti Dikeoss'ini. (I lived and fought - for Justice).
'Ama ti vr'ite, oh ti th'ama, st'ilte se m'ena 'ena gr'ama! (If you find Justice, what a miracle, send a letter to me!)

Nikos Pergialis
8/8/6p1/3Pk1bb/8/4PPK1/8/8 (4 + 4)
h#3, duplex

(Black plays first) 1.Kf5 f4 2.Bf3 Kxf3 3.Bf6 e4#

(White plays first) 1.f4+ Kxd5 2.f5 Bh4+ 3.Kf4 g5#

Ideal mates.

Nikos Pergialis - Emmanuel Manolas
7b/8/6p1/7B/S1k1K1S1/1p6/6r1/8 (4 + 5)
h#2, duplex

(Black plays first) 1.Bc3 Sf2 2.Bb4 Be2#

(White plays first) 1.Sh2 Be5 2.Sf3 Re2#

Both mates are given from square e2. The white Knight closes the lines of the pieces guarding e2 (in one case the bRg2, in the other case the wBh5). Self-blocks.

M'ages, aft'o to pr'ovlima - mi sas provlimat'izi! (Dudes, this problem - must not puzzle you!)
'Enas ips'oni ta lefk'a - ki o 'idios ta grem'izi (Someone uprises the white - the same brings them down!) 

M'esa sti m'oda t alog'aki - f'enete p'ire fakel'aki! (Fashionable the knight - it seems he has received a bribe!)

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