Wednesday, August 27, 2014

News from Bern, (3), Tuesday

Today the solvers start their ordeal, (Greek solvers are Mr Konidaris Panagiotis, Mr Mendrinos Nikos, Mr Prentos Kostas), trying to place themselves in a high position in the World Championship. They will continue tomorrow. Below you will find the preliminary results of the day.
There is personal ranking and ranking of countries.

I prepared my entry to Official 5-days composing tourney, where the theme asked for an orthodox direct-mate two-mover with a twin. The twin is made by moving a white Bishop to square of different color.
I worked with three positions, from the simplest miniature to a complex mechanism. (I have lost count, but I needed to compose almost twenty problems this month).

In the evening there were some chess lectures.
Mr H.P.Rehm analysed the beauty criteria of the pendulum mechanism in more-movers.
Mr D. Kostadinov presented mechanisms for inverse problems worthy to win prizes.
Mr M. Kovačević showed that in some underrated helpmate problems real diamonds are hidden, if notions of direct-mate composing are applied.
Mr T. Linß presented the past and future of computer software creating compositions. (At present, the demands of storage space limit this software to 6-pieces helpmates and 7-pieces selfmates).

All day drizzled in Bern and during the night we had heavy rain.

Results of the first part of the World Championship here.

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