Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Referrings 07-02-2008 thru 06-07-2008

I wish to thank all those individuals that have honoured me by inserting in their blog or in their site (or in one of their posts) a link to my Greek-language blog kallitexniko-skaki.blogspot.com .
All these links had different effectiveness, which was expected.
During the first five months of operation of this blog, 07-02-2008 thru 06-07-2008, the following visits were observed :

01 From the http://www.zinonchess.gr (Chess Club Zinon Glyfada) came 378 visitors.
02 From the http://skakistiko.blogspot.com (Chess (not exclusively) blog, Schroedinger's Cat) came 205 visitors.
03 From the http://konidaris.blogspot.com (Author Chemist Solver Panagiotis Konidaris) came 155 visitors.
04 From the http://4lyk-kallith.att.sch.gr/20080815_school_info/index.htm (4th General High school of Kallithea) came 119 visitors.
05 From the http://www.sopatron.gr (Chess Club of Patras) came 103 visitors.
06 From the http://chess-problems-gr.blogspot.com (my English-speaking chess problems blog) came 76 visitors.
07 From the http://www.murdzia.com (Solver Piotr Murdzia) came 63 visitors.
08 From the http://lykeio6o.blogspot.com (6th General High school of Kallithea) came 59 visitors.
09 From the http://skakistasholeia.blogspot.com (Chess in schools, Elias Economopoulos) came 44 visitors.
10 From the http://www.alef.gr (Science Fiction Club of Athens) came 40 visitors.

Some more sites follow, with less visitors
11 http://so-aigaleo.blogspot.com (Chess Club of Aegaleo)
12 http://anyfantischess.blogspot.com (Zatrikion, Mr. Anifantis)
13 http://www.pirgoschess.gr (Chess Club of Pyrgos)
14 http://freeskaki.blogspot.com (Free Chess, ex fon-epikoinonia.blogspot.com, Heraklion Attica)
15 http://alice-mirrorland.blogspot.com (Alice Montez)
16 http://anyfantis.blogspot.com (Weaver, Mr. Anifantis)
17 http://bstephen.me.uk (British Brian Stephenson)
18 http://neospalamedes.blogspot.com (New Palamedes, Club Avax and Pessi)
19 http://psifiakiellada.blogspot.com (Digital Greece, broadcast, Nikos Vassilakos)
20 http://www.essnachess.gr (Union of Chess Clubs District of Attica)
21 http://edessa-chess.blogspot.com (Edessa – Chess Update)
22 http://www.greekbase.gr (Greekbase - Your Online Chess Supporter)
23 http://pitselischess.blogspot.com (Greg's page, Pitselos)
24 http://adiple.blogspot.com (Contra-sailing I am searching for Hope-Elpida, Alexandra)
25 http://greekchess.wordpress.com (Greek Chess Weblog)
26 http://www.patrachess.gr (Patra Chess - Makis Loukeris)
27 http://angela-lucy.blogspot.com (Swimming Around – Angela Lucy)
28 http://anoixichess.blogspot.com (Chess Spring)
29 http://keipi.blogspot.com (Tales of a Crazy World – Panayotis Koustas)
30 http://www.skakistis.gr (Chess player – The official page of ESTh & ESK)
31 http://sukumus.blogspot.com (Sukumus Fabulus Est – Dimitris Arvanitis)
32 http://foufoutos.wordpress.com ((Pseudo)Foufoutos)
33 http://mor-fe-as.blogspot.com (Vigilance...)
34 http://naftilos.blogspot.com (ANemos)
35 http://s.e.volou.googlepages.com (Chess Club of Volos)

The links to my english-language blog chess-problems-gr.blogspot.com are not many, but the start of operation of this blog, 23-03-2008, is much more recent. The following sites have honoured me, (also two or three of the above sites have a link) :
01 http://stelling.wordpress.com (Problemas de Xadrez - Roberto Stelling)
02 http://www.chessvibes.com (ChessVibes)
03 http://chesspellets.blogspot.com (Chess Pellets - Joaquim Crusats)

If I have omitted something, please update me to correct it. Thanks again.

(This post in Greek language).

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