Sunday, August 29, 2010



The Azerbaijan Chess Composition Commission announces an International Composing Tourney 'Bakhtiyar Rustamov-50' for helpmates in two (free theme).
Judge: Bakhtiyar Rustamov (Baku, Azerbaijan).
Prize fund: $500.00 (U.S.).
Deadline: 31.10.2010. The preliminary award - 2010.
Entries (max 3 per author) should be sent to:

Baku, Azerbaijan. 29.08.2010.


Комиссия по шахматной композиций Федераций Шахмат Азербайджана объявляет международный конкурс по составления задач на кооперативный мат в 2 хода (H#2) посвященный 50-летию Бахтияра Рустамова .
Судья: Бахтияр Рустамов (Баку, Азербайджан).
Призовой фонд: 500 $ ( долларов США) .
Последний день присылки: 31.10.2010.
Предварительное присуждение турнира будет опубликован - к концу 2010 года.
Задачи (не более 3-х от одного автора) с пометкой "ЮК Б.Рустамов-50 " высылать по адресу:
Баку, Азербайджан. 29.08.2010.

Friday, August 27, 2010

C20101028 : Tourney AN & YB

Tourney AN & YB

3# - theme free
Judge: Dejan Glišić
studies - theme free
Judge: Siegfried Hornecker
Send to: Ben Jelloun Youness Younessbenjelloun(AT)
Closing date: 28.10.2010

Joueur De Club : Échiquier Rochefortais-France-
Joueur de Club F.U.S -Rabat-Maroc-
Président de Club D'échecs et développement de la FST de Fès.
Problémiste International d'échecs,
Directeur de la magazine :A.N&Y.B (Problèmes) .
Webmestre :
Chroniqueur Pour le club Français T.A.E
Adress: N°6 Rue 9 Hay Salam Ainkadous FES -Maroc-


On occasion of 9th Warsaw Solving Grand Prix the Mazovian Chess Society announces the
international tourney in following section:
#3 – judge Leopold Szwedowski
h#2 with 8 pieces – judge Eugeniusz Iwanow
s#3 – judge Waldemar Tura
Zeropositions, fairy pieces and conditions not allowed.
In each group there are 3 prizes.
Closing date: October 25th 2010.
Award will be ready by November 21st 2010.
Problems (on diagrams or in notation) with the complete solution send to:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

WCCC-53 and WCSC-34 in Crete, 2010

The 53rd World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) will take place in Hersonissos of Crete, Greece, October 16 thru 23, 2010.

The official page of 53-WCCC is hosted here.

In parallel, the 34th World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC), specifically from Tuesday 19-10-2010 thru Wednesday 20-10-2010.

The official page for 34-WCSC is hosted here.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dedication for Manolas-60

The well-known all over the chess-world and very productive composer Moutecidis Pavlos has sent a more-mover selfmate in 18 moves problem, with dedication for the 60 years of Manolas Emmanuel (aka Alkinoos). We thank him warmly.

The problem is a “Miniature” since has no-more than 7 pieces.
Also it is “Aristocratic” since it lacks Pawns.
The theme of the problem was set in the composition contest "Jubilee Tourney Moutecidis-75", 2005-2006 : [Selfmates in 8 to 20 moves. All the white and black pieces move in the course of the solution. White pieces only, can also be captured, instead of moving.]

(Problem 470)
Moutecidis, Pavlos,
Dedication : "Manolas-60"
Selfmate in 18 moves.
s#18 (5 + 2)

White plays and forces Black to mate in eighteen moves. In the problem appears the [Moutecidis-mate] (which will be given by the black Rook, as is evident from the diagram).

The solution has one variation, where the bK makes a long journey with forced moves.

The readers may attempt to solve the problem without seeing the solution, which is written at the end of this post.

Hint : The key is not checking. Castling is allowed.

Solution of the problem 470, by Moutecidis Pavlos:
Key : 1.Be4! zugzwang.
1...Kg1 2.0-0-0+ Kh2 3.Bf5 Kg2 4.Qf1+ Kh2 5.Qe2+ Rg2
6.Qe5+ Rg3 7.Se4 Kg2 8.Qb2+ Kf3 9.Rf1+ Ke3 10.Qf2+ Kd3
11.Rd1+ Kc4 12.Qc5+ Kb3 13.Be6+ Ka4 14.Bd7+ Kb3 15.Sd2+ Ka2
16.Qa5+ Ra3 17.Be6+ Ka1 18.Qc3+ Rxc3# (Moutecidis-mate)