Monday, December 31, 2012

Last awards of 2012

On the last day of 2012, the award for the "Mark A. Ridley-50 Jubilee Tourney" is announced, and you can read it here :

From the Greek side, three compositions won distinctions :

Themis Argyrakopoulos, Commendation

Themis Argyrakopoulos and Kostas Prentos, Commendation

Emmanuel Manolas, 1st Honourable Mention

In another award published today, mr Kostas Prentos (USA, as resident of Albuquerque) earned a commendation. Read this :

Chessbase puzzles

Every year, around Christmas, gives puzzles for the chess solvers.
Mr John Nunn has organized again the event, and you can find it here : .

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday with Chess Compositions

A Holiday with Chess Compositions

Sunday, January 6th

A holiday dedicated to chess compositions is organized by "Chess Club Zinon Glyfada (Greece)" on Sunday, January 6, 2013 in the afternoon, from 18:15 to 20:30. Youngsters and grown-ups which already have experience of the chess game, but small or none experience of the chess problems, will have the opportunity to be initiated to the beautiful world of Chess Compositions by the Champion Nikos Mendrinos. Then, they will try their hand in various relevant contests with properly chosen problems and they will attend - or take part in - a Chess Solving show (with awards books, cup and medals). They will also be introduced to top Greek problemists.

Place : the Club rooms at Sofias Vembo 18, Ano Glyfada (near KAPI Karahaliou).

For more info call 210 9833452 (Nikos Mendrinos) and 6938476727 (Marios Anastassiou). The persons, interested to attend, please e-mail: to facilitate the organizers.

For warming-up, you may try to solve the following two-mover by Nikos Pergialis, without looking first at the underwritten solution.

Nikos Pergialis
8/5R1B/7p/6kp/6Sr/7b/3S1K2/8 (5 + 5)

Key : [1.Ke3! [2.Rg7#]
1...Bxg4 2.Se4#
1...Rxg4 2.Sf3#
1...hxg4 2.Rf5#] (Select the space between the square brackets to see the solution)

We observe that the white Knight on g4 can be captured with 3 ways, resulting in 3 different mates. This is named Anti-Triple, and since the black defences are self-blocks we have the Theme Stocchi.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trees for the holidays

Traditionally, this time of each year the chess-composers send greeting cards to their friends with nice compositions. With the present advancement of the technology, the bloggers post these compositions in their blogs.
Some of these problems have special shape, like a Christmas tree.
On this post, together with cordial wishes for general improvement of the situations in our lives, I present three problems of mine with tree-like or conical shapes.
The third takes the shape of a tree, after you solve it!

Manolas Emmanuel
(3 + 6)
a) Diagram: h#5,
b) bQe7 becomes bR: h#4

a) 1.b1=B+ Ke3 2.Bg6 hxg3 3.Kf5+ Kf2 4.Se6 Kf3 5.Qf6 g4#

b) 1.Rh7 f5+ 2.Kf7 f6 3.Kg8 f7+ 4.Kh8 f8=Q#


Manolas Emmanuel
(4 + 5) (Grasshopper d7 + 0)

1.e5 Κe2 2.Βf7 d3+ 3.Κd4 Κd2 4.c5 Gg7#

The Grasshopper is an obstacle-jumping piece. It moves in straight line on a row or a file or a diagonal, jumps over an obstacle and steps on the next square. (If the obstacle is missing, the move is not allowed. If behind the obstacle there is an opponent piece, it is captured).

Self-blocks. (The bPb3 is only decorative).

Manolas Emmanuel
(7 + 3) (Grasshopper a1 b1 f1 h2 h5 + 0)

1.d3 Gc5 2.Kd4 Ge5 3.d5 Gd6#

(It could be more economical, but the shape after solution would not be nice). Self-blocks. The final shape is shown to the right.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas carols and trees, all Ideal

Six compositions here by Nikos Pergialis. All helpmates with Ideal mates.
In the first composition our Last Rebetis (remember : Rebetico songs) writes his own carols.

Nikos Pergialis

Nikos Pergialis
8/4p3/4k3/8/4S3/4K3/8/3b1B2 (3 + 3)
h#2, 2111
8/5p2/5k2/8/5S2/5K2/8/4b1B1 (3 + 3)
h#2, 2111

1.Bh5 Kd4 2.Bf7 Bh3#
1.Ba4 Kf4 2.Bd7 Bc4#

Symmetrical placement, symmetrical solution (Vertical mirror echo) with Ideal mates.

1.Βb4 Κg4 2.Βe7 Βd4#
1.Κg5 Βd4 2.Κh4 Βf6#

Symmetrical placement, non symmetrical solution with Model mates.

Problems having symmetrical placements of pieces, with wide base, are called christmas trees.
With this opportunity, Nikos Pergialis says carols with his unique way:

Good evening Greeks, if you allow me,
I want some news to announce in your splendid home.

I will make an All-United Governement in Greece
and inside my ministries I will have a lot of Swindlers.

I will become Prime Minister, having all authorities,
I will also give press conferencess, to say prattles.

I will receive information updates from Liers with degrees
and I will appoint Thieves where there is money.

I will cut salaries, I will favor new houses.
I will build Socialism, more than enough for all.

I will give to everyone love and care
and if your are short of bread, you can eat your Hopes.

You will have - and you'll be proud - a Great Governor
and if you ever see progress, let me know.

It is exactly what you need, famous Greeks,
because you are, as it seems, a sleeping Plebe.

P.S.: Brothers, weeping is for us.
I am too old now
and I will say the bitter truth:
I am not an exception.

Nikos Pergialis, the Last Rebetis

Nikos Pergialis

Nikos Pergialis
4s3/8/3pKp2/4p3/4k3/3ppp2/4P3/8 (2 + 8)
h#4, 2111...
4s3/3pKp2/8/4p3/4k3/3ppp2/4P3/8 (2 + 8)
h#4, 2111...

1.Sg7+ Kxd6 2.f5 Kc5 3.f4 Kc4 4.Sf5 exd3#
1.Sc7+ Kxf6 2.d5 Kg5 3.d4 Kg4 4.Sd5 exf3#

Ideal mates, with vertical mirror Echo and Selfblocks.

1.Sg7 Kd6 2.f5 Kc5 3.f4 Kc4 4.Sf5 exd3#
1.Sc7 Kf6 2.d5 Kg5 3.d4 Kg4 4.Sd5 exf3#

Same idea, without checking key, but the mates are simply Model not Ideal.

Nikos Pergialis
2k5/4B3/K1P5/8/8/8/8/1r6 (3 + 2)
h#2, 2111

1.Rd1 c7 2.Rd8 cxd8=Q#
1.Rb7 cxb7+ 2.Kb8 Bd6#

Black sacrifices, Ideal mates.

Listen you friends, chessfriends / and you committees in the world: / I do not bother for prizes and commendations, / I just take pleasure from the things I like

Nikos Pergialis
5K2/3P4/r5bk/7p/8/8/8/8 (2 + 4)
h#2, 2111

1.Bh7 d8=S 2.Rg6 Sf7#
1.Ra7 d8=Q 2.Rh7 Qd2#

Ideal mates. Selfblocks, where bB and bR change places in the g6 and h7 squares.

Nikos Pergialis
8/8/8/s3k3/8/4SK2/4R3/8 (3 + 2)
h#3, a) diagram 211111, b) wKf3 > b4

1.Sc6 Rd2 2.Se7 Rd6 3.Sf5 Sc4#
1.Kd4 Rb2 2.Kc3 Ke4 3.Sc4 Sd1#
1.Sb3 Sg2+ 2.Kd5 Re6 3.Sd4 Sf4#

Ideal mates. Eighteen moves of all pieces in different squares. The white Knight mates in different squares (Chameleon mates) guarding the Rook.

And a verse for a friend :
Such beauties are to be admired - when instructor is Harry Fougiaxis.

Nikos Pergialis
8/8/8/b7/2p1K3/8/1pP2k2/8 (2 + 4)

1.b1=R c3 2.Rb4 cxb4 3.c3 b5 4.c2 b6 5.c1=R b7 6.Rf1 b8=Q 7.Be1 Qh2#

Helpmate in seven with Ideal mate. It contains theme Excelsior (a pawn starts from its initial position and gets promoted) and Phoenix (promotion to a piece previously captured).

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Three duplex helpmates

In helpmates, the black plays first and helps the white to give mate. There is no adversativity (unlike OTB games), but cooperation for a common goal.
In duplex problems there is another solution, where the white plays first and helps the black to give mate. Cooperation in the fullest.
Nikos Pergialis is the last rebetis (creator - singer of rebetiko songs) and he likes to write verses for his chess compositions!

Nikos Pergialis
6r1/6P1/8/8/8/7K/8/5k2 (2 + 2)
h#2, duplex

(Black plays first) 1.Re8 g8=Q 2.Re1 Qg2#

(White plays first) 1.Kh2 Rxg7 2.Kh1 Rh7#

TypeWenigsteiner (up to 4 pieces), Ideal mates.

Ime trel'os ki ap'itharhos, m'agkes mou, ti na g'ini. (I am crazy and undisclipinary - dudes, that's it).
'Ezisa ke pol'emisa gia ti Dikeoss'ini. (I lived and fought - for Justice).
'Ama ti vr'ite, oh ti th'ama, st'ilte se m'ena 'ena gr'ama! (If you find Justice, what a miracle, send a letter to me!)

Nikos Pergialis
8/8/6p1/3Pk1bb/8/4PPK1/8/8 (4 + 4)
h#3, duplex

(Black plays first) 1.Kf5 f4 2.Bf3 Kxf3 3.Bf6 e4#

(White plays first) 1.f4+ Kxd5 2.f5 Bh4+ 3.Kf4 g5#

Ideal mates.

Nikos Pergialis - Emmanuel Manolas
7b/8/6p1/7B/S1k1K1S1/1p6/6r1/8 (4 + 5)
h#2, duplex

(Black plays first) 1.Bc3 Sf2 2.Bb4 Be2#

(White plays first) 1.Sh2 Be5 2.Sf3 Re2#

Both mates are given from square e2. The white Knight closes the lines of the pieces guarding e2 (in one case the bRg2, in the other case the wBh5). Self-blocks.

M'ages, aft'o to pr'ovlima - mi sas provlimat'izi! (Dudes, this problem - must not puzzle you!)
'Enas ips'oni ta lefk'a - ki o 'idios ta grem'izi (Someone uprises the white - the same brings them down!) 

M'esa sti m'oda t alog'aki - f'enete p'ire fakel'aki! (Fashionable the knight - it seems he has received a bribe!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Award for 1st TT HSP-2012, Julia Vysotska

On blog Julia's Fairies was published the award for the first thematic tourney, hsp-2012.
The theme was "play with batteries or anti-batteries in HSP compositions with fairy pieces and/or conditions".
69 compositions from 39 composers from 20 countries have participated.
See the Award here.