Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Study of the Year 2014

Composer: Vladislav Tarasiuk (Ukraine)
The study appeared first in the magazine "Задачи и Этюды" ("Problems and Studies") for 2014, № 64, chart 5013.

White: Kb8,Sh6,Pc5,f2
Black: Ke4,Pb5,b7

Key: 1.Sf5!
Try 1.f4? Кd4(d5)! (1…b4? 2.f5 Ке5 3.Sg4+ ±) 2.f5 Кхс5 3.f6 Кd6 4.f7 Ке7 =.
Try 1.Nf7? Кd4(d5) 2.Кxb7 Кxс5 =.

1…Кxf5 2.Кxb7 b4 3.с6 b3 4.с7 b2 5.с8Q +-.
1…Кd5 2.Kxb7 +-. (2.Nе3+? Кс6! 3.Ка7 b4 =).

2.Sd6+ Кd4!
2…Кd5 3.Sxb7 b3 4.с6 Кxс6 5.Sа5+ =.

3.Sxb7 Кd5 4.f3!!
4.f4? b3 5.с6 Кxс6 6.Sа5+ Кd5! 7.Sxb3+ Ке4 =.
4.Sa5? Кхс5 5.Кс7 Кd5! 6.Кd7 Ке4 =.

4…Кс6 5.f4.
5.Кс8?! Кd5 6.Кb8 Кс6, the main line.

5…Кd5 6.f5 b3 7.с6!
7.f6? Ке6 8.с6 b2 =.

7…Кxс6 8.Sа5+ Кd5 9.Sxb3 Ке5 10.Sd4!, win.

(Some info about the selection committee: