Thursday, December 22, 2011

From the MT Malgorzata Grudzinska

We have received recently the results from the Fourth Memorial Tourney dedicated to the memory of Malgorzata Grudzinska, who has left unexpectedly 19 years old.

Among the awarded composers there are two of the young and productive Greek composers, whose compositions we present here.

Section Helpmates #2 with condition Circe, miniatures


T. Argirakopoulos
3rd Honourable Mention

h#2, Circe, twin b) wB<->wR
a) diagram
1.Rxb2[+wBc1] Bxb2[+bRh8] 2.0-0 Rxg7[+bRh8]#
b) wBb2 <-> wRg3
1.Rd7 Rxb5[+bRa8] 2. 0-0-0 Rb8#

Section Helpmates #2 with condition Circe


Kostas Prentos
First Commendation

h#2, Circe, 2111
1.Bb8 Bd2 2. bxc3+ Bxc3[+bPc7]#
1.Ra8 Rd8 2.Sf8 Rxf8[+bSb8]#