Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doubleislander's dedication

Doubleislander's dedication

The problems on this post were sent as a present to the composition contest [Jubilee Tourney Emmanuel Manolas-60] by a friend who prefers to be anonymous. We will name him/her as Doubleislander (from two islands).
The problems are quite simple, but the pieces are set in a way to represent the symbols J T E M 6 0 (initials from the name of the tourney).
We thank the Thrilling Anonymous!

(Problem 429)
dedicated to JT Manolas-60,
Helpmate in 2. Condition : Circe.
h#2 Circe (4 + 8)

With condition Circe, the captured piece is reborn on its initial square (example : the wQ on d1).

(Problem 430)
dedicated to JT Manolas-60,
Helpmate in 2. Condition : Chameleon - Chess.
h#2 Chameleon Chess (3 + 7)

Helpmate : Black plays and helps White to mate.
With condition Chameleon - Chess, the moving pieces are transformed (i.e. the Knight moves and becomes Bishop, the Bishop moves and then becomes Rook, the Rook moves and then becomes Queen, the Queen moves and then becomes Knight).

(Problem 431)
dedicated to JT Manolas-60,
Selfmate in 2 moves.
s#2 (5 + 8)

Selfmate : White plays and forces Black to deliver mate.

(Problem 432)
dedicated to JT Manolas-60,
Helpmate in 2 moves.
h#2 (3 + 10)

(Problem 433)
dedicated to JT Manolas-60,
Helpmate in 2 moves. Condition : Madrasi.
h#2 Madrasi (5 + 8)

With condition Madrasi, if two dissimilarly coloured pieces of the same kind (i.e. wR and bR) are mutually threatened, then they are paralyzed and the only power they have, whilst the threat is pending, is to paralyze each other.

(Problem 434)
dedicated to JT Manolas-60,
Helpmate in two moves. Condition AntiCirce.
h#2 Anticirce (5 + 7)

With condition Anticirce, the capturing piece is reborn in its initial square. The captured piece disappears.

The solutions will be posted here in a few days.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A study by Libiurkin and one (more) imitation

The first study comes from the collection [1234 Modern End-Game Studies], and is a composition by M. S. Libiurkin. In this pretty study White mates in 23 moves, but in the meantime has promoted five pawns to Knights and has allowed to Black three Queenings. (Unfortunally, this study is cooked, because the promotion 1.d8=Q! leads to a shorter solution).

The second study, by Manolas Emmanuel, contains no pieces, only pawns. The goal is to show the Phoenix theme, in triplicate.

In the two studies the mechanism of Knight production is similar, the road to victory is different.

Theme Phoenix : A pawn is promoted to a piece which was previously captured.

(Problem 427)
M. S. Libiurkin,
"1234 Modern End-Game Studies", 1938,
White plays and wins.
+ (10 + 10)

White can not win with 1.d8=Q?, because 1...cxd4 is threatening draw.
Key : 1.d8=S!
1...cxd4 2.Sf7 d3 3.Sh6 gxh6 4.g7 h5 5.g8=S!
(not 5.g8=Q? h4 with draw threat)
5...h4 6.Sf6 exf6 7.e7 f5 8.e8=S! f4 9.Sd6 cxd6 10.c7 d5
11.c8=S! d4 12.Sb6 axb6 13.a7 b5 14.a8=S! b4 15.Sb6 b3+
16.Ka3 b2 17.Sc4 b1=Q 18.Rxb1 d1=Q 19.Rxd1 d2 20.Sb2 d3
21.Ra1 d1=Q 22.Sxd1 ~ 23.Sf2#

(Problem 428)
Manolas Emmanuel,
dedicated to M. S. Libiurkin,
original, 20090310,
White plays and wins.
+ (8 + 8)

Key : 1.h8=S! e3 2.Sg6 fxg6 3.f7 g5 4.f8=S g4 5.Se6 dxe6
6.d7 e5 7.d8=S e4 8.Sc6 bxc6 9.b7 c5 10.b8=Q c4
11.Qxg3 c3 12.Qxe3 g3 13.Qxg3 e3 14.Qxh2+ Kxh2 15.g4 Kf3
16.g5 Kf4 17.g6 Ke5 18.g7 Kd4 19.g8=Q +-
(possible continuation :
19...Kc5 20. Qb3 Kd4
21.Qb4+ Ke5 22.Qxc3+ Ke4 23.Qd3+ Ke5 24.c4 Kf4 25.c5 Ke5
26.c6 Kf6 27.c7 Kg5 28.c8=Q Kf6 29.Qdf5+ Kg7 30.Qcf8#)

Triple repetition of the Phoenix theme, in moves (2, 4), (5, 7) and (14, 19).

08-04-2010 : The good problemist Ioannis Garoufalidis, has notified me that my problem is anticipated.
The composition is a tough job!

Hello Emmanuel
Your study is anticipated (almost mirrored !!!)

(Problem 447)
Karhia V
First prize, Suomen Shakki, 1943
White plays and wins.
+ (8 + 8)

1.a7! b4 2.a8=S! b3 3.Sb6 cxb6 4.c7 b5 5.c8=S b4 6.Sd6 exd6 7.e7 d5 8.e8=S d4 9.Sf6 gxf6 10.g7 f5 11.g8=Q f4 12.Qxb3 f3 13.Qxd3 b3 14.Qxb3 d3 15.Qxa2+! Kxa2 16.b4 1–0

See also newspaper "Apogevmatini of Saturday" (column by Siaperas) 23-10-1976

Ioannis Garoufalidis