Sunday, May 05, 2019

ECSC-14, Athens 2019, Results

Open, Friday, May 3rd

Friday, May 03, 2019

ECSC_14, Athens 2019, Participants

 ECSC 14  

 3-5 May 2019, Glyfada, Greece  

BLR (2)
Bulauka, Aliaksandr
Sihnevich, Mikalai
BEL (1)
Van Beers, Eddy
BRA (1)
Roland, Marcos, (visitor)
FIN (6)
Hurme, Harri
Hurme, Riitta
Karhunen, Anna-Leena
Karhunen, Kari
Paavilainen, Jorma
Tanner, Henry
GER (2)
Tummes, Boris
Linss, Torsten
Great Britain
GBR (6)
Cook, Brian
Hodge, David
McDowell, Michael
Mestel, Jonathan
Nunn, John
Watson, Ian
GRE (23)
Aggelis, Efthymios Rafail
Alexandrou, Anastassios
Anemodouras, Leokratis
Athanasopoulos, Kyriakos
Dimitriadis, Alexandros
Fougiaxis, Harry
Garoufalidis, Ioannis
Kalyva, Kyriaki
Katsadoros-Fengeros, Konstantinos
Kefsikoglou, Petroula
Konidaris, Panagiotis
Koulis, Vasilis
Manolas, Emmanuel
Masouros, Panagiotis
Mendrinos, Nikos
Mitsakis, Konstantinos
Papargyriou, Anastasis
Papastavropoulos, Andreas
Petridis, Evaggelos
Sidiropoulos, Nikos
Sklavounos, Panagis
Skyrianoglou, Dimitris
Spiliadis, Athanasios
ISR (2)
Chovnik, Mordechay
Friedland, Omer
LTU (11)
Chocenka, Benas
Chocenka, Dmitrijus
Chocenkiene, Milda
Limontas, Martynas
Paliulionis, Viktoras
Satkus, Vidmantas
Satkus, Vilimantas
Satkute, Gita
Satkute, Iveta
Satkuviene, Stase
Steponavicius, Stasys
NED (5)
Uitenbroek, Hans
Uitenbroek, Koen
Uitenbroek, Lotte
Vermeer, Juliana
Wissmann, Dolf
North Makedonia
NMK (1)
Denkovski, Ivan
POL (4)
Górski, Piotr
Królikowski, Ryszard
Murdzia, Piotr
Piorun, Kacper
ROU (2)
Didiliuc, Dariana - Gabriela
Duca, Delia Monica
RUS (9)
Kopyl, Sergei
Kosolapova, Lilia
Moiseev, Danila
Pavlov, Danila
Pletnev, Dmitry
Popov, Aleksey
Romanov, Maxim
Selivanov, Andrey
Viktorov, Evgeny
SRB (5)
Kovačević, Marjan
Mladenović, Miodrag
Perović, Živojin
Serafimović, Dijana
Serafimović, Ilija
SVK (4)
Dobiáš, Richard
Klemanič Emil
Kolčák, Marek
Mihalčo, Oto
SLO (1)
Šivic, Klemen
SUI (1)
Ott, Roland
UKR (4)
Borodavkin, Sergey
Kopyl, Valery
Pogorelov, Vladimir
Solovchuk, Oleksiy
. 19 Countries90 participants

(Last Update : Monday, 2019/04/29)

ECSC_14, Athens 2019

14th European Chess Solving Championship
3-5 May 2019, Glyfada, Greece

The Greek Chess Composition Committee of the Greek Chess Federation has the honor to invite the european national teams and individual solvers to participate in the 14th European Chess Solving Championship. The event will be held from Friday, May 3rd (arrival) to Sunday, May 5th (departure) at the “Oasis Hotel Apartments” in Glyfada, a cosmopolitan suburb of Athens. The hotel is the same that hosted the ECSC 2016.

Captains’ meeting: Friday, May 3, 16:30-16:45
Open solving tournament: Friday, May 3, 17:00-20:00
ECSC 1st day: Saturday, May 4, 10:30-14:00
ECSC 2nd day: Sunday, May 5, 9:30-13:00
Closing ceremony: Sunday, May 5, 16:00 (approximately)

Hotel Oasis ( features fully equipped and renovated apartments, with private balcony. Restaurant, bar and coffee shop are also available. All competitions and events will be hosted within the hotel facilities and halls. The swimming pool (non heated) is open from May 1st (10:30-18:45).
Prices per person per day (bed and breakfast included):
·        Single room: 81€
·        Double room: 58€
·        Triple room: 51€
·        Quadruple room: 43€
Prices include all taxes, free access to the hotel health and recreation facilities, as well as participation fees to all regular solving tournaments. These prices are also valid 3 days before and after the event. All payments should be made to the organizers, upon arrival, in cash (€).
The participation fee for those not staying in Oasis Hotel is 50€. It would be very important for us to make the reservation until the 11th of March. After this date an additional 20€ fee per reservation applies and the organization committee cannot guarantee the room availability.

The express bus X96 departs right outside the arrival level of the Main Terminal Building at the exit 4 of the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” (Athens). X96 runs 24 hours every 20-40 minutes. The bus needs 35-45 minutes to reach the hotel, which is located just next to the bus stop “4th Glyfadas”. The one way ticket costs 6€. Tickets are available from the bus driver or from ticket kiosk at the bus departure area of the airport.
By taxi, the max cost (including luggage, taxes, etc.) is 38€ (from 5:00 to 24:00) or 54€ (from 24:00 to 5:00).

Accommodation prices include only breakfast. Participants can, on their expense, have snacks “a la carte” in the hotel or they can pre-order (one day earlier) to the hotel a full meal which costs 15€. All payments and arrangements for meals will be made directly with the hotel and not through the organizing committee. Alternatively, there are also many restaurants within a short distance (15 minutes on foot).

Director of the ECSC will be Ivan Denkovski assisted by Ioannis Garoufalidis and Harry Fougiaxis.
Director of the open solving tournament will be Ioannis Garoufalidis.
Organization: Nikos & George Mendrinos in co-operation with the Greek Chess Composition Committee.
The email of the event is:
All the information about the event will be published on the site:

The organizing committee will provide invitation for visas. Teams or players needing visas are requested to contact the organizing committee.

Please, fill our form before 11th of March!