Friday, August 26, 2011

Jesi addio! Are you ready for Japan?

The World Conference for Chess Composition has ended today.
Selected results are published below but you can always see the page of WCCC here, which is repeatedly updated.

I can say that the WCCC will be held in [September 22 - 29 2012, Quality Hotel Kobe Portpia Island, Japan].

I am happy to say that I have recently tasted the Brazilian Cachaça, on the bottle of which is written [43% Vol.].

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Update for the composition tourneys

1. Quick Thematic Tourney

Judge: Marco Guida (Italy)
A section: Orthodox #2
Theme: Two-phase (at least) problems with one special square, from which start (or to which end) the mate-giving white moves.
Prizes: (1) V. Dyachyk - V. Kopyl (Ukraine), (2) J. Rice (U.K.).
Honourable Mentions: (1) U. Avner - M. Erenburg (Israel), (2) P. Einat (Israel), (3) D. Mueller (Germany).

B section: Helpmate #2
Judge: Antonio Garofalo (Italy)
Theme: Two-phase (at least) problems, where one or more pawns move with single or double step in various phases.
Prizes: (1) M. Marandyuk - V. Kopyl, (2) D. Mueller, (3) M. Witztum, (4) M. Parinnelo, (5) M. Erenburg, (6) O. Solovchuk - M. Marandyuk.
Honourable Mentions: (1) P. Einat, (2) R. de M. Vieira, (3) H. Axt, (4) N. Predrag, (5) J. Paavilainen.
Commendations: (1) A. Heir, (2) B. Gadjanski, (3) R. Riva, (4) M. Caillaud, (5) A. Semenenko - V. Pogorelov, (6) K. Solja.

2. 4th Jenever Thematic Tourney (ARVES)

Judges: Marcel van Herck (Belgium) - Harold van der Heijden (the Netherlands)
Theme: Study with black and white promotion to Bishop.
Prizes: (1) D. Gurgenizde - I. Akobia (Georgia), (2) Y. Afek (Israel), (3) A. Jasik (Poland).
Honourable Mentions: (1) J. Timman (Netherlands), (2) D. Gurgenizde (Georgia).
Commendation: Y. Afek (Israel).

3. 1st Azerbaijan Study Tourney

Judge: Ilham Aliev (Azerbaijan)
Theme: Sacrifice of a white chessman (piece or pawn) on a square guarded with two (at least) black chessmen.
Prizes: (1) E. Kopilov - O. Pervakov (Russia), (2) O. Pervakov (Russia).
Special Prize: D. Gurgenizde (Georgia).

4. 2nd Bulgarian Wine Tourney - WCCC Jesi 2011

Judge: Diyan Kostadinov (Bulgaria)
Theme: Helpmate 2# with one (at least) Chameleon piece of the type (Q-S-B-R-Q), without other fairy elements.
Prizes: (1) Ricardo Viera, (2) Vlaicu Crisan - Cornel Parcurar - Paul Raican, (3) Cornel Parcurar, (4) Mario Parinello, (5) Mark Erenburg.
Special Prizes: (*) Eric Huber - Vlaicu Crisan, (*) Tadashi Wakashima, (*) Julia Vysotska.
Honourable Mentions: (1) Hans Uitenbrock, (2) Aleksandr Semenenko, (3) Michal Dragon, (4) Mario Parinello.
Commendations: (*) Dieter Mueller, (*) Emmanuel Manolas, (*) Allan Bell, (*) Bjork Enemark, (*) Vito Rallo.

5. Champagne TT, Jesi 2011

Judge: Michel Caillaud (France)
Theme: Promotion of same-file pawns.
A section: SPG
Prizes: (1-2) Per Olin, (1-2) A. Frolkin - K. Prentos, (3) G. & I. Denkovski.
Honourable Mentions: (1) A. Bell - J. Mestel, (2) Per Olin.
Commendations: (1) Bjorn Enemark, (2) Jonathan Mestel, (3) Lubomir Siran.

B section: Retro
Places: (1) A. Frolkin - K. Prentos, (2) Igor Vereshchagin.

6. 11th Japanese Sake - 3rd Brazilian Cachaça Thematic Tourney

Judge: Tadashi Wakashima
Theme: Series Self(stale)mate (ss#n or ss=n) with Reversible Promotion. Only allowable fairy element : condition Maximummer.
Prizes: (1) O. Comay - M. Erenburg (Israel), (2) Michel Caillaud (France), (3) V. Crisan (Romania) - C. Pacurar (Canada).
Special Prize: A. Bell (Ireland) - M. Caillaud (France)
Honourable Mentions: (1) K. Prentos - E. Manolas (Greece), (2) Vlaicu Crisan (Romania), (3) Emmanuel Manolas (Greece), (4) Oleg Pervakov (Russia).
Commendations: (1) Diyan Kostadinov (Bulgaria), (2) Borislav Gadjanski (Serbia), (3) Emmanuel Manolas (Greece), (4) Alexandr Semenenko (Ukraine), (5) Bosko Miloseski.

7. 14th Sabra Thematic Tourney

Judge: Menachem Witztum
Theme: Helpmate h#2 with a special line-opening.
Prizes: (1) Francesco Simoni - Mario Parinello - Marco Guida, (2) Hemmo Axt, (3) Aleksandr & Valery Semenenko, (4) Luis Miguel Martin, (5) Mario parinello, (6) Paz Einat.
Honourable Mentions: (1) Jean Haymann, (2) Uri Avner, (3) Hemmo Axt, (4) Dieter Muller, (5) Kostas Prentos, (6) Emmanuel Navon - Jean Haymann, (7) Paz Einat, (8) Abdelaziz Onkoud, (9) Aleksandr & Valery Semenenko.
Commendations: (*) Uri Avner, (*) Valery Gurov, (*) Michel Caillaud, (*) Hannu Harkola, (*) Michael McDowell, (*) Nikola Stolev, (*) Julija Vysosca, (*) Diyan Kostadinov, (*) Harri Hurme - Kenneth Solja, (*) Mario Parinell - Marco Guida.
Dedicated to participants of this tourney : Shaul Shamir.

8. 9th Romanian Juica Thematic Tourney

Judges: Vlaicu Crisan - Eric Huber (Romania)
Theme: Two-phase (at least) help-self(stale)mates (hs#n or hs=n) with three (at least) pairs of pieces which mutually change function during the solution.
A. Orthodox section:
Prizes: (1) Borislav Gadjanski (Serbia), (2) Ricardo de Mattos Vieira (Brazil).
Honourable Mentions: (1) Petko A. Petkov (Bulgaria), (2) Dieter Mueller (Germany).
Commendations: (1) Menachem Witztum (Israel) (2) Kostas Prentos (Greece)

B. Fairy section:
Prizes: (1) Petko A. Petkov (Bulgaria), (2) Petko A. Petkov (Bulgaria).
Honourable Mentions: (1) Petko A. Petkov (Bulgaria), (2) Mario Parinello (Italy).
Commendations: (1) Mario Parinello (Italy), (2) Juraj Loerinc (Slovakia).

9. Long Thematic Tourney

Judge: Francesco Simoni (Italy)
Theme: Helpmate h#3, where black unpins a black or white piece, but creates at the same time a direct or preventive interference.
Prizes: (1) Michel Caillaud, (2) A. Semenenko - V. Pogorelov - A. Solovchuk, (3) Ofer Comay.
Honourable Mentions: (1) Hemmo Axt, (2) Mario Parinello.
Commendations: (1) Menachem Witztum, (2) R. Viera - M. Witztum, (3) Eugene Fomichev, (4) Tony Lewis.

10. The Ural's Problemist TT, Jesi 2011

Judge: Andrey Selivanov (Russia)
Theme: Selfmate s#3-5 with recovery of an initial black or white battery.
Prizes: (1) V. Kopyl - M. Marandyuk Ukraine), (2) W. Tura (Poland), (3) U. Avner (Israel), (4) E. Fomichev (Russia), (5) O. Pervakov (Russia).
Honourable Mentions: (1) D. Kostadinov (Bulgaria), (2) H. P. Rehm - K. Widlert (Germany), (3) M. Barth (Germany).
Commendation: (1) D. Mueller (Germany).

11. Moskovskaya Matreshka TT, Jesi 2011

Judge: Valery Gurov (Russia)
Theme: Helpmate h#2, where the first white move (W1) creates a weakness, which is liquidated by the second black move (B2).
Prizes: (1) Marco Guida - Mario parinello - Francesco Simoni, (2) Emmanuel Navon - Jean Haymann, (3-4) Menachem Witztum, (3-4) Kjell Windlert - Hans Peter Rehm.
Special prize: Ricardo de M. Vieira.

12. 23rd Spisska Borovicka TT

Judge: Peter Gvozdjak
Theme: Two-movers of every kind, with one retiring defense. (A black piece attached to its king goes away to defend).

13. Metaxa TT, Jesi 201

Judge: Pavlos Moutecidis (Greece)
Theme: Selfmate s#n Maximmumer With set play. No limit on the number n of moves, but the pieces must not exceed 10. No other fairy elements are permitted.
Honourable Mentions: (*) Harri Hurme (Finland), (*) Jorma Paavilainen (Finland), (*) Nikola Predrag (Croatia).

Monday, August 08, 2011

BCPS 2012 composition Ty

Announcement: BCPS 2012 Tourney

To coincide with the 2012 London Olympic Games, the British Chess Problem Society is announcing a composition tourney.
The three top prizes in each section will receive medals.
The closing date is 31.10.2011 and the awards will be made by the time of the Games.
No more than 3 compositions per composer per section.
The sections are:
A. Two-movers. Theme: Olympic symbol. Judge: Christofer Reeves
B. Three-movers. Theme: Relative with Batteries. Judges: Don Smedley & Jim Grevatt
C. Moremovers. Theme: Relative with Batteries. Judge: Jörg Kuhlmann
D. Helpmates. Theme: Twins h#n h#(n+2), n=1/2, 1, 1 1/2, 2, etc.. Judges: Chris J. Feather & Michael McDowell
E. Selfmates. Theme: s#3 with Bivalve. Judge: Uri Avner
F. Fairy. Theme: h#2-4 or s#2-4 or hs#2-4 where effective defenses in helpmate/selfmate become illegal self-check by arrival (not by departure). Judge: Cedric Lytton
G. Studies. Theme: Free, in a specific frame. (Caution: different address). Judge: John Roycroft

Analytical direction and examples you will find in this document :

Monday, August 01, 2011

Bringing back Checkmate (3)

Friends of chess-problems, please read this article, third in a series.
Steve Giddins writes now about Grimshaw and Nowotny intersections.