Saturday, February 15, 2014

Supplementary results of WCCT-9, 2012-2013

The ninth World Tourney of Chess Compositions, WTCC-9, had awards which we have already published, but there were also many problems with rank outside the first 1-20 in each category.

These problems are published in a special supplementary document, which you can see here.

The only Greek composition was the following. It was marked with 1,5 grades from the judges and it was surely less in value compared to the awarded compositions. But let us see it, if only to understand how difficult is the competition at the world level.

What the composition tourney demanded from the problem was "to have tries with threats A and B and these moves should appear in variations after the key which should have another threat C".

Emmanuel Manolas
WCCT-9 2012-2013

8/1P2Rp1b/r1RP1k1K/1PB2Ppp/S3p1r1/4SP2/1b6/8 (11+9)

Tries :
{1.Bd4+? Bxd4!},
{1.Re6+? fxe6!},
{1.b8=Q? [2.Qh8#] Bg8!},
{1.Sxb2? [2.Bd4#] exf3!},
{1.Sc3? [2.Scd5#][2.Bd4#] Bxc3!},
{1.Sb6? [2.Sbd5#][2.Sd7#][2.d7#] Rxb6!}.

Thematic tries :
{1.d7+? A Rxc6!},
{1.Rxa6? [2.d7# A ] Be5!},
{1.bxa6? [2.d7# A ] Be5!},

{1.Sd5+? B Kxf5!},
{1.fxe4? [2.Sd5# B ] Rxe4!},
{1.fxg4? [2.Sd5# B ] hxg4!}.

Key : 1.b8=S! [2.Sd7# C ]
1...Ra7 2.d7# A
1...Bxf5 2.Sd5# B

Here we see two tries with threat A and two tries with threat B, the moves A and B are also tries and they are appearing in variations after the key. Thus there is Theme Urania (One try-move, appears also as threat, appears also in a post-key variation), twice (one for move A and one for move B).
There is a total of 12 tries, some with multiple threats, so this will not be an easy problem to solve.