Saturday, May 15, 2010

An interesting proposition

It is a very peculiar proposition that aims to transform the game of chess to an economically viable business.
Read about the plans of Mr. David Kaplan, “Chief Executive Officer – Development” within FIDE, in this Chessbase article.

In the meantime, Karpov is supported for FIDE presidency by the 18/36 of the Russian committee! See here.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Two worlds get closer

There is an excellent blog (in Greek) about culture and Over-The-Board chess and chess problems, (see here), run by the Schroendiger's Cat.
Some weeks ago a post was published there (by the reader Kaloproeretos) about the distance between the world of OTB chess and the world of chess composition.
The conclusion was that the chess players would benefit if they knew the chess problems better.
As a result, a series of about 150 compositions of many kinds, selected by Kaloproeretos, started to be published, for the chess players to be familiarized with chess problems.

If you follow the links you will see these selected problems.
Try to solve them. (The answers to the problems of one post are published below the problems of the next post).
Sorry for not including here a proper translation of the Greek text.

Problems 1-6, Saturday 10-04-2010

Problems 7-12, Wednesday 14-04-2010

Problems 13-18, Saturday 17-04-2010

Problems 19-24, Wednesday 21-04-2010

Problems 25-30, Saturday 24-04-2010

Problems 31-36, Wednesday 28-04-2010

Problems 37-42, Saturday 01-05-2010

Problems 43-48, Wednesday 05-05-2010

Problems 49-54, Saturday 08-05-2010

Problems 55-60, Wednesday 12-05-2010

Problems 61-66, Saturday 15-05-2010

Problems 67-72, Wednesday 19-05-2010

Problems 73-78, Saturday 22-05-2010

Problems 79-84, Wednesday 26-05-2010

Problems 85-90, Saturday 29-05-2010

Simple, yet instructive exercises. Commented selection!