Friday, October 24, 2008

Two more-movers by Garoufalidis

In the more-mover (German : lang-zueger) problems we must foresee how the mate is given (we must imagine the picture of the mate). In order to achieve the mate, we need to discover a series of moves (including possibly repeated series of moves).

In selfmate problems White plays first and forces Black to deliver mate.

Mr Ioannis (=John) Garoufalidis is an active composer with many publications and he is also an excellent solver.
We will see here two award-winning more-mover selfmates by Garoufalidis. (See please another of his compositions here).

(Problem 251)
Ioannis Garoufalidis,
3rd Honourable Mention, Quartz 2002
Selfmate in 29 moves
s#29, (4 + 6)

Key : 1.Rd4! Kb3 2.Qc4+ Ka3 3.Qc3+ Rb3 4.Qc1+ Rb2 5.h4 Kb3
6.Qc4+ Ka3 7.Qc3+ Rb3 8.Qc1+ Rb2 9.h5 Kb3 10.Qc4+ Ka3
11.Qc3+ Rb3 12.Qc1+ Rb2 13.h6 Kb3 14.Qc4+ Ka3 15.Qc3+ Rb3
16.Qc1+ Rb2 17.h7 Kb3 18.Qc4+ Ka3 19.Qc3+ Rb3 20.Qc1+ Rb2
21.h8=R Kb3 22.Rb8+ Ka3 23.Qe3+ Rb3 24.Qe7+ Rb4 25.Ra8+ Kb3
26.Qe3+ Kc2 27.Ra2+ Rb2 28.Qd3+ Kc1 29.Qb1+ Rxb1#

A comment by the composer : An Excelsior with subpromotion to Rook (Miniature), Switchback, Circuit de Dame, Circuit de Tour, Circuit lineaire, Sacrifice.

(Problem 252)
Ioannis Garoufalidis,
Commendation, The Problemist, 2005
Selfmate in 37 moves
s#37, (11 + 3)

Key : 1.Qd5+! Bf5+ 2.Rc2 Kg4 3.Qg2+ Kf4 4.Qg3+ Ke4 5.Qd3+ Kf4
6.Qe3+ Kg4 7.Qg3+ Kh5 8.Qf3+ Bg4 9.Qd5+ Bf5 10.Kc1 Kg4
11.Qg2+ Kf4 12.Qg3+ Ke4 13.Qd3+ Kf4 14.Qe3+ Kg4 15.Qg3+ Kh5
16.Qf3+ Bg4 17.Qd5+ Bf5 18.Kd1 Kg4 19.Qg2+ Kf4 20.Qg3+ Ke4
21.Qd3+ Kf4 22.Qe3+ Kg4 23.Qg3+ Kh5 24.Qf3+ Bg4 25.Qd5+ Bf5
26.Rc1 Kg4 27.Qg2+ Kf4 28.Qg3+ Ke4 29.Qd3+ Kf4 30.Qe3+ Kg4
31.Qg3+ Kh5 32.Qf3+ Bg4 33.Qd5+ Bf5 34.e3 Kg4 35.Qg2+ Kh5
36.Qf3+ Bg4 37.Bc2 Bxf3#

See the White King slowly preparing (every eight moves) his end.

(This post in Greek language).

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