Monday, December 15, 2008

White - Black

I can not write about chess and chess problems, when a certain fact presented to us without proper study as isolated, keeps running in my thoughts.
Perhaps a composer would decide to transcribe the tragic theme into a slow-playing music, but he should not be surprised if this music actually sounds like a march.
The key-word these days is anger and it will be a task if they can manage to repress the reaction - already growing as if touched by a fairy - without significant changes.
Even with the help of a perverter of justice they can not present the facts with reverse meaning, saying that the victim itself was guilty and the shooter was innocent.
The uniqueness of a boy has a fabulous value, that no economy can estimate.
It has a beauty, that even the art can not easily describe.
Since I have a special interest for Greece, I find it very difficult to function as solver or as problemist using the grey cells of my brain.
What I see is white - black.

White coffin – black future.

2008-12-06, Athens Greece, a peaceful Saturday afternoon :
A 15-year old boy was deadly wounded in the middle of the street with a bullet in the heart, when a cursing policeman fired at it three times.
Many by-standers have testified that this happened without any provocation from the boy.
The reaction is in the news.

(This post in Greek language).

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