Sunday, February 22, 2009

Six two-movers by Kostadinov

In the site of the World Chess Championship 2009 six problems were dedicated from the composer Diyan Kostadinov to the top players Topalov and Kamsky. Here follows part of the article.

Diyan Kostadinov is a well-known Bulgarian chess problem composer. He was born on 21.01.1982 in Burgas (Bulgaria) and is titled national Master of sport for chess composition. He has been playing chess since 1997 and was a Student vice-champion of his sity. Diyan began composing in 2000 and composed more than 200 problems of all genres - Twomovers, Threemovers, Moremovers, Selfmates, Helpmates, Studies, Proof Games and Fairies and won a large number of Prizes in the most prestigious chess composing tournaments in all over the world. He is winner of the super-tournaments organized by various chess magazines.

These six two-mover problems, which were composed by Kostadinov especially for this match, form the names of the players.
We copy them below (they are named TO, PA, LOV, KA, MS, KY) and we give their keys.

TO : 1 Qe4!
PA : 1 Bc4!
LOV: 1 Sd7!

KA : 1 Se1!
MS : 1 Bf3!
KY : 1 f5!


Anonymous said...

Thank for the presentation (even that you wrote my name with little mistake couple of times - the corect is "Kostadinov" ;) ) and... the solution of "MS" is 1.Bf3!, not 1.Be3... nevertheless - thank you again. This is very nice blog site. Keep going! ;)

Emmanuel Manolas said...

@Anonymous Kostadinov
Thank you for the corrections.
In Greek we do not use [d] but [nt]. When I translated the Greek text to English, I omitted to correct [nt] to [d] in your name. Sorry!