Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Solving Contest only for skiers

There are sports combining two or more different athletic activities (examples : Biathlon, Pentathlon, Decathlon).
Mr Panagis Sklavounos turned our attention to some alternative possibilities for chess players.

Some tries have been made to combine chess (having mainly mental activity) with other sports (having mainly physical activity), such as "Chess and Boxing" !
(See chess boxing and World Chess Boxing Organization).

The following news announcement describes how was combined (09-02-2009) a two kilometers running through snow in Jefferson County New York, with a Solving Chess Problems Contest.
You start skiing, you stop and solve. After some runnings you reach finish and you have an arrival time. For every correct solution this arrival time is decreased. For each wrong solution this arrival time is increased. If you miss some problem this arrival time is doubly increased.
(See the article of John Kunz in chessbase).

It seems interesting enough. You try to have a healthy mind in a healthy body.

We might replace skiing with running...
 -He is training for the Chess Olympiad!

(by Rudolf Sauer from Mannheim)
...and we will put the chessboards every 400 meters
 These boards were actually used in a outdoors solving/running contest in Koropi near Athens.

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