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Solving Contest 2009-05-31, 8th ESO, Aegaleo

Aegaleo, 31/05/2009

Mr Kostas Prentos from Salonica is for the eighth time Champion of Greece in Solving chess problems, being the winner of the 8th Solving Contest organized by the Greek Chess Federation (“Elliniki Skakistiki Omospondia”, “E.S.O.”)!
Bravo Kostas Prentos, eight in eight!!

Second was Harry Fougiaxis, third was Andreas Papastavropoulos.

The awards were twins! The three first solvers received cups from the athletic division of the Municipality of Aegaleo (it is in Athens, Greece), and also money prizes from the known Greek solver Panagiotis Konidaris who was celebrating the birth of his twin babies. We wish health for all!

The final ranking is as follows : (1) Prentos 42 4:00, (2) Fougiaxis 23 3:55, (3) Papastavropoulos 22 4:00, (4) Sklavounos 21.5 4:00 (5) Manolas 20 3:58 (6) Ilandzis 20 4:00 (7) Anemodouras 19.5 4:00 (8) Skyrianoglou 18.5 3:56, (9) Mendrinos 17 4:00 (10) Alexandrou 16.5 3:46 (11) Tsolakos 15 3:52 (12) Vlahos 13 4:00 (13) Tassopoulos 11 3:50 (14) Mihaloudis 10 4:00 (15) Anastasiou 5 3:58 (16) Blazos 5 4:00.

Mr Ioannis Garoufalidis was the judge.

See here the problems and try to solve them...but you can see the solutions here.

Comments by Alkinoos :
The photo of the winners shows (left-to-right) :
G Karahalios vice-mayor of Aegaleo. Harry Fougiaxis (2nd). Kostas Prentos (1st). Andreas Papastavropoulos (3rd). Panagis Sklavounos (4th). Emmanuel Manolas (5th). Spyros Ilandzis (6th).

The message of the Egyptian T-shirt of the fifth winner is 'play more chess' not 'smoke various substances'...

You may see more photos at the site of Chess Club of Patras.

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Roberto Stelling said...

Congratulations to Mr. Kosta Prentos for his eight title and to Harry Fougiaxis and Andreas Papastavropoulos as well.
I'm looking forward to meet the Greek delegation on the next World Chess Solving Championship!

Warm regards,
Roberto Stelling