Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inactivity or not?

Of course not!
We do not post frequently this last period but there is much work done in the backstage.

First, I've prepared the translation in Greek of the Award for the composition content Manolas-60 JT. I believe that is useful for Greek-speaking friends of this blog to easily read an Award. Most of the awards I have seen are written in languages I do not understand and I try machine translation (very funny) or I see only diagrams and solutions, losing the enlighting comments of the Judges.

Second, there are new fairy conditions in the composition contests of the World championship this year in Crete, Greece. Read here for Half-Check, KoBul Kings, CapZug and who knows what new will be born from the imagination of the composers.

Half-Check : The check from a piece is "half" and if it is still preserved by the same piece in the next move, then it is "full". If it cannot be stopped then, it is mate.

KoBul Kings : The Kings take the move/capture properties of their last friendly piece captured, and become normal kings again when a friendly pawn is captured.

CapZug : In given number of moves we must bring the opponent side to a situation to capture something, while it is not under check.

In front of the new conditions all the composers are equivalent (newbie, tenderfoot?). So the new composers must rush!

We prepare our problems, and if someone needs explanations or cooperation, here we are!

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