Thursday, October 21, 2010

The new president for WFCC (ex PCCC) said...

The permanent committee for chess composition (PCCC) of the "Federation International des Eschecs" (FIDE) is now a Federation and has the title "World Federation for Chess Composition" (WFCC).
The statute rules have been modified (to conform with Suisse law).
After the elections for presidency (four years of service) we have :
President : Harry Fougiaxis GRE
1st Vice President : Hannu Harkola FIN
2nd Vice President : Georgi Evseev RUS
3rd Vice President - Treasurer : Thomas Maeder SWI
Two more officers are going to be elected soon in newly established positions, an auditor and a reserve auditor.

As the new president of WFCC mr Harry Fougiaxis said to us, he has the impression that the elected team has uniformity and a willingness to help the world of chess composition.

First plans for action
1. Registration of name and statute rules of WFCC in Verne, Suisse.
2. Improvement of relations with FIDE.
3. Coordination and restructuring in the work subcommittees of ex-PCCC, (Solving - FIDE album - Studies - WCC Tournament etc).
4. The titles (GM of FIDE for chess solving, GM of FIDE for chess composition) will continue to be supported by FIDE.

Some perennial problems have already been spotted (like the delayed preparation of the FIDE Albums) and there are ideas for useful usage of internet.

You have read (in world exclusiveness) the first "press conference" of the new president of WFCC, mr. Harry Fougiaxis.

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