Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Distinctions for this blog

I translate from the (Greek language) blog kallitexniko-skaki (=artistic chess) to English all the posts with non-local interest, forming this way the blog chess-problems-gr.blogspot.com.

If you visit the web page of the British Chess Problems Society [here] and follow the path - who has designed the pages : click (left) on [Brian Stephenson's pages] - click (up) on [Chess Composition] - click (left) on [Links] - click (right) on [Chess Composition], you find the blog chess-problems-gr in the third position
1. First : The World Federation for Chess Composition WFCC,
2. Second : The British Chess Problem Society BCPS,
3. Third : Our Chess-problems-gr, with comment "A blog from Greece (in English) about chess composition - very warmly recommended!" (Thanks!!),
4. Fourth : The American The Good Companions,

Yesterday I learned that the blog chess-problems-gr has got a distinction, together with other chess blogs, from the company onlinecomputersciencedegree.com, which is using the blog in their offered lessons. We have a badge to advertise it. Thanks. (It has been discontinued since September 2012).

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