Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Puzzles from Chessbase

It is many years now that Chessbase, beyond presenting chess news and persons and games, beyond advertising chess software and books, also gives a series of puzzles, one per day, starting on December 25th thru New Year Day.
See all previous presentations here.

This year, the world champion on chess problem solving John Nunn edited the Christmas puzzles 2010, that have already started appearing. After the completion of the series, you may send the solutions there, and the best solver will receive the new book [1001 Deadly Checkmates] by John Nunn.

Puzzle 1 (25/12) : (William Shinkman, 1890) Two black rooks are sacrificed on the same square
Puzzle 2 (26/12) : (Andrei Selivanov, 1st Prize, Albino 2004) Same moves one row up
Puzzle 3 (27/12) : (Michel Caillaud, 1st Commendation, The Problemist 1995/6) f3 is the last and first move of the solutions
Puzzle 4 (28/12) : (Yuri Sushkov, 1st Prize, Smena, 1998) Same mates from b5, b6 and b7
Puzzle 5 (29/12) : (Mirko Degenkolbe, Rolf Wiehagen, 1st Prize, Die Schwalbe 2008) Roundtrip of Ba2

Solutions of puzzles 1-5 : http://www.chessbase.com/puzzle/christmas2010/chr10-sol1.htm

Puzzle 6 (30/12) : (Dieter Kutzborski, 1st Prize, Schach-Aktiv 2007) Foreplan to close diagonal a1-h8 which, after 7.e6 Qb8, is opened again
Puzzle 7 (31/12) : (Michel Caillaud, 1st Prize, 23rd T.T. Problemkiste 2002-3 (version)) An excellent allumwandlung
Puzzle 8 (01/01) : (Kostas Prentos, 1st Prize, Oakham Proof Game Tny 2009-10) Roundtrip of the white queen

Solutions of puzzles 6-8 : http://www.chessbase.com/puzzle/christmas2010/chr10-sol2.htm

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