Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Harry Fougiaxis (2)

We wish to mr. Harry Fougiaxis, president of WFCC, long living and prosperity, since in two days he will have his name-day.

Harry Fougiaxis has walked a long creative path in the area of chess composition. Today we present an old composition of his, published in 1988. It is included in the leaflet [Selected Chess Compositions by Greek Composers] which was issued by the Greek Chess Composition Committee, during the 47th World Congress of Chess Composition in Halkidiki, Greece, 4-11 September 2004.

(Problem 492)
Harry Fougiaxis (Χάρης Φουγιαξής),
Second Prize, U.S. Problem Bulletin 1988,
Helpmate in three moves. (Two solutions).
h#3 211111 (4 + 6)

1.Rc4 Sd4 2.Kc5 a3 3.Bd5 Sab3#
1.Bc5 Sc6 2.Kc4 a4 3.Rd5 Sba5#

Changed self-blocks on bK initial square (d5).
White pawn moves 1-2 steps.
Diagonal / Orthogonal Echo.
Model mates.

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