Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blog Statistics, 3rd year

Presented a little bit delayed (but they do not change, of course). For the period 07/February/2010 thru 06/February/2011 the tool Google Analytics has collected a multitude of elements, from which I present here some :

Visitors : 5962

Absolutely unique visitors : 3586

Visitors : Started about 8 per day, increased very slightly but constantly, ended about 16 per day. Only two days had over 50 visitors.

Coming From where : 28% from sites with links to this blog, 58% from search machines, 14% from direct visits.

Countries of visitors : 835 from United States, 690 from Greece, 388 from Bulgaria, 336 from Philippines, 326 from Spain, 257 from Poland, 250 from United Kindom, 191 from France, 190 from Germany, 173 from Serbia, 145 from India, 143 from Brazil, 116 from Nederlands, 110 from Canada, 107 from Indonesia, 105 from Israel, 104 from Italy, 103 from Romania, 87 from Australia, 84 from Slovakia, 81 from Russia, and follow about ninety countries.

Most popular posts : Composers and their problems, Multiple pawn promotions, Dedication for Manolas-60, Terminology for Problemists.

Most popular Biography : Sam Loyd

Returning visitors : 42%, that means 58% are new.
48 returned over 200 times, 259 returned 101-200 times, 239 returned 51-100 times.

84 visits lasted more than half an hour, more 273 lasted more than 10 minutes and more 419 lasted more than 5 minutes.

I hope that the content of the posts was useful to the visitors.
Thank you all!
Manolas Emmanuel
a.k.a. Alkinoos

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Diyan Kostadinov said...

Manolas, your chess blog is very nice and have a lot of good information for the readers. I wish you good luck.