Saturday, May 28, 2011

Solving Contest in Zagreb

We give links to an internet solving contest which has recently been organized from Zagreb, Croatia.

You may see the problems here. Three two-movers, two three-movers and a two-mover-puzzle. The first four are manageable. The problem E needs a little retroanalysis. The problem F asks for the positioning of the black King so, as to become a two-mover.

If you want to see the solutions, you will find them here, together with the names of the composers.

On the solvers list we find mr Themis Argirakopoulos on the second place and mr Emmanuel Manolas (who did not see at once that problem E was a retro) on the fourth place. There are solvers from at least 8 countries and the first 5 have solved all the problems.

Congratulations to organizers and participants!

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