Monday, May 02, 2011

Theme Phoenix in selfmate form

About a year ago (2010-02-19, see here) I had posted one study of mine with the Phoenix theme, dedicated to composer Libiurkin who had presented a relevant study in 1938.
After one month the friend composer and judge in many solving contests Ioannis Garoufalidis pointed out that my study was anticipated, that is a similar study had already been published in 1943 in a magazine from Finland.

Mr I. Garoufalidis found this year and send to us for presentation a selfmate problem featuring the same theme.
In a selfmate White plays first and forces Black to mate.
The Phoenix theme is : [A pawn is promoted to a piece which was previously captured].
The specific problem is composed by Olaf Jenkner and Steven Dowd, and presents the theme three times.

(Problem 494)
Olaf Jenkner & Steven Dowd
Sachova Skladba, 2011
(10 + 9)

The solution follows :
Key : 1.Sg6! hxg6 2.Be2 g5 3.h7 g4 4.h8=S g3 5.Sg6 fxg6
6.f7 g5 7.f8=S g4 8.Sfe6 dxe6 9.d7 e5 10.d8=S e4
11.Sb7 e3 12.Sxa6 Rxa6#


Anonymous said...

the heck is S???

Emmanuel Manolas said...

In chess games there are only six kinds of chessmen. In composition there are more than a thousand.

S is for Springer.
N is for Nightrider.
Will you visit please the post