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Manolas Emmanuel (4), Compositions from Jesi, part 1

In Jesi, Italy, I participated in some composition tourneys, sometimes with success sometimes without a distinction. I would like to present to you these compositions of mine. Two posts will be made.

Quick Thematic Tourney (time : three hours)

a) Theme: Orthodox two-mover where at least two variations have the mating move starting from (or ending to) the same square.

6s1/8/3SK3/8/1P1k3B/1R6/2P5/3rb3 w
Manolas Emmanuel


Tries : {1.Bd8? Bxb4!}, {1.Rh3? Bg3!}

Key : 1.Rf3! zz
1…Sh6 / Se7 / Sf6 2.B(x)f6#
1…Bxh4 / Bg3 / Rd2 2.c3#
1…Bxb4 / Bc3 2.Bf2#
1…Bd2 / Ra1 / Rb1 / Rc1 / Rd3 2.Rxd3#
1…Bf2? 2.Bxf2# / c3# (dual)

Black correction. The move 1...Βc3 corrects the moves 1...Βxh4 and 1...Rd2. The move 1...Βd2 corrects the moves 1...Βxb4 and 1...Βc3.
Mirror mates.
No distinction.

b) Theme: Helpmate with two solutions (or twin), where in one a pawn A makes a single step and a pawn B makes a double step, and in the other the pawns exchange roles.

1q2s3/8/2pkp3/K7/5P2/8/B2PP3/8 w
Manolas Emmanuel

h#2, a) diagram, b) wBa2->f2

a) 1.Kc5 e3 2.Sd6 d4#
b) 1.Kd5 d3 2.Qd6 e4#

Selfblock. Model mates. Dual avoidance.
No distinction.

Azerbaijan Study Tourney

Theme : Sacrifice (with or without check) of a white chessman (piece of pawn) on a square guarded by two black chessmen.

6S1/p2pPb2/P1kq2S1/P5B1/P1pP4/4r2p/2R4P/6K1 w
Manolas Emmanuel

= (White plays and draws)

1.e8=Q (thematic) Rxe8
(1.e8=R? Qxg6 2.Rxe3 Bxg8 -+ or 2.d5+ Kd6 3.Rxe3 Qxg5+ 4.Kf2 Qf4+ 5.Rf3 Qd2+ 6.Kf1 Qxc3 7.Rxf7 Qxd3+ 8.Kf2 c3 -+)
(1.Rxc4+ Bxc4 2.e8=Q Rxe8 3.S8e7+ Kc7 4.Bf4 Bd3 5.Bxd6+ Kxd6 6.Kf2 Be4 -+)
2.S8e7+ (thematic) Rxe7
3.Sxe7+ Kc7
4.Rxc4+ Bxc4
5.Bf4 Qxf4
6.Sd5+ Bxd5 =

The Judge decided that the thematic moves were not sacrificies and gave no distinction.
Later he send this problem to be published : [Olympiya Dunyasi No62 13-15.09.2011, problem 721].

Second Bulgarian Wine Tourney

Theme : Helpmate two-movers with at least a Chameleon-piece (of type Q-S-B-R-Q). Other fairy pieces or conditions are not allowed.

3b4/5p2/3r2Rq/5k2/5SS1/8/7P/6K1 w
Manolas Emmanuel
h#2, 6 solutions, Chameleons wSf4, wSg4, bRd6, wRg6, bQh6, bBd8

1.Qh6-g5=S Sg4-f6=B 2.Sg5-e4=B Rg6-g5=Q#
1.Qh6xh2=S Sg4xh2=B 2. Rd6-d3=Q Sf4xd3=B#
1.Qh6-h4=S Rg6-e6=Q+ 2.Kg5 Sg4-h6=B#
1.Bd8-e7=R Sg4xh6=B 2.Re7-e4=Q Rg6-g5=Q#
1.Ke4 Rxd6=Q 2.f5 Sf4-g2=B#
1.Kxf4 Sxh6=B+ 2.Kf3 Rg6-g2=Q#

The Judge Diyan Konstadinov wrote [Six different solutions, but with Not homogeneous play].

METAXA Tourney Jesi (Italy) 2011 in memoriam Albert H. KNIEST

The Greek Judge Pavlos Moutecidis (who has started the custom with local wines to accompany the prizes) asked the following.
Theme : Selfmate Maximummer with set play. No limit on the number of moves. The total number of pieces should not exceed 10. Other fairy conditions or pieces are not allowed.

1q3k1K/8/8/3pp3/1r6/1P6/8/8 w
Manolas Emmanuel
(original, please do not reprint)

s#11, Maximummer

Set play : 1…Rh4#
Key : 1.Kh7! [2.Kh8 Rh4#]
1…Rh4+ 2.Kg6 Ra4 3.bxa4 Qb1+ 4.Kg5 Qh7 5.a5 Qb1 6.a6 Qh7 7.a7 Qb1 8.a8=R+ Qb8 9.Kh6 Qe8 10.Ra6 Qa4 11.Rg6 Qh4#
It is a Miniature, it has switchbacks of pieces, underpromotion, Pelle movement (done by a pinned piece).
It contains the theme white Chernous ("A white piece A theatens the black King. A black piece is self-pinned to stop the threat. Then the White unpins B, the piece A self-blocks the white King and the black B delivers mate"). (The theme Chernous has reversed colours).
No distinction.

I will post the second part very soon.

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