Saturday, January 21, 2012

KoBul compositions, anyone?

Today is the birthday of mr. Diyan Kostantinov, a young excellent composer from Bulgaria, (happy birthday Diyan!)

He has introduced a new fairy condition, the KoBul kings. A KoBul king moves and captures like the most recent friendly piece that was captured. It becomes again a normal king when a friendly pawn is captured.

It is a condition with very interesting strategic and tactical implications. The solving software, (example : WinChloe), recognizes the new condition.

A formal composing tourney is announced, see .

I am presenting here two original KoBul compositions, very very simple, with their solutions.

1k1q4/8/8/5p1K/4p3/4p1p1/8/4Q3 (2+6)
Manolas Emmanuel

KoBul Kings
h#2, 2 solutions

1.Qa5 Qxa5(bK=QK) 2.QKf4 Qxf5(bK=K)#

1.Qh4+ Kxh4(bK=QK) 2.QKf4+ Qxg3(bK=K)#

8/2pS1K2/8/2pr4/1P6/3SP3/8/6k1 w (5+4)
Manolas Emmanuel

KoBul Kings
h#3, 2 solutions

1.Re5 S3xe5(bK=RK) 2.RKd1 e4 3.RKd6 bxc5(bK=K)#

1.Rd4 exd4(bK=RK) 2.RKg5 Sf4 3.RKf5+ Kg6#


Juraj Lorinc said...

I find it especially interesting when the mated KoBul king is in the shape of different piece in different variations/solutions, just like in the h#3.

Emmanuel Manolas said...

My friend Juraj, I think that you will find excellent specimens of your preference when the award of the 1st TT is published.