Saturday, September 15, 2012

It is your turn now

Dear friends of the chess problems, during some recent years I was posting various subjects on this blog, trying to cover the omissions of the greek chess-literature or to promote things which held my interest. To be honest, some posts were written by friends.
But you may have some things in doubt about the chess composition, and you were not given the chance to ask.

It is your turn now to ask of us to answer your inquiries.
What is it, that you want to read about, here in this blog? Write your question in the comments.
We do not know everything, but we will try to answer.

Two notes by Alkinoos:
(1) Do not think that I have found myself in lack of material! I have, for example, 25 new originals by the rebetis Nikos Pergialis, best studies of some years and awards of composition tourneys. Simply, I have thought it would be good to ask you.
(2) Sorry that the posts here are somehow scarse, but this is the time of WCCC in Kobe Japan and I keep myself busy trying to compose entries for these tourneys.

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