Friday, September 21, 2012

Results from Kobe 2012, Solvers

In the Open Solving Tournament we had the following results:

1 Comay, Ofer, ISR, 50.5
2 Limontas, Martynas, LTU, 49
3 Kovacevic, Marjan, SRB, 47.5

The full list of the participants and their ranking is here.

In the World Chess Solving Championship the first teams were...

1 POLAND (Mista, Alexander - Murdzia, Piotr - Piorun, Kacper)
2 GERMANY (Pfannkuche, Michael - Tummes, Boris - Zude, Arno)
3 RUSSIA (Feoktistov, Aleksandr - Mukoseev, Anatoly - Selivanov, Andrey)

The full list with the ranking of countries and their results is here.
In the same page you will find the individual results for World Champion of Solving Chess Problems. The first three were...

1 Murdzia, Piotr, POL (GM, 2766.89)
2 Zude, Arno, GER (GM, 2622.26)
3 Piorun, Kacper, POL (GM, 2650.68).

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