Sunday, September 30, 2012

Results from Kobe, Composers

I have received the booklet with the results of the compositions during WCCC 2012 in Kobe Japan, in electronic form. I present here tourneys and results, writing in bold what is relevant with the Greek composers.
The composers Themis Argirakopoulos, Kostas Prentos (this year has moved to USA) and Emmanuel Manolas have earned distinctions.

Quick Composing Tourney

#2, Judge : Touw Hian Bwee (Indonesia)
1st Place : Marjan Kovacevic, 2nd Place : Yuji Kikuta, 3rd Place : Paz Einat

h#2, Judge : Ricardo de Mattos Vieira (Brazil))
1st Prize : Mark Erenburg, 2nd Prize : Ofer Comay, 3rd Prize : Michel Caillaud
Honorable Mention : Hitoshi Yanami
Commended : Hemmo Axt

15th SABRA composing Tourney (PDF)
1st Prize : Dieter Mueller, 2nd Prize : Jean Haymann, 3rd Price : Emanuel Navon, 4th Prize : Kostas Prentos
1st Hon. Mention : Mario Parinello, 2nd HM : Fadil Abdurahmanovic, 3rd HM : Abdelaziz Onkoud, 4th HM : Kohey Yamada, 5th HM : Shaul Shamir, 6th HM : Mark Basisty
1st Comm. : Luis Miguel Martin, 2nd Comm. : Ricardo de Mattos Vieira, 3rd Comm. : Valery Kopyl, Comm. : Ralf Kraetschmer, Comm. : Rodolfo Riva, Comm. : Julia Vysotska, Comm. : Emmanuel Manolas, Comm. : Yoel Aloni

Manolas Emmanuel


h#2, (Theme : Mating piece must be initially pinned)

1.Bd6 Qxb1 2.Bd1 (Bf1??) Qb5#
1.Bc5 Qd1 2.Bf1 (Bd1??) Qd7#
Self-blocking, Diagonal mirror echo, Dual avoidance.

Jenever 2012 (PDF)
Prize : Pavel Arestov



Champagne Tourney (PDF)

Section A : Proof Games
1st Prize : Satoshi Hashimoto, 2nd Prize : Hitochi Yanami
1st Hon. Mention : Hitochi Yanami, 2nd HM : Hitochi Yanami
1st Comm. : Allan Bell, 2nd Comm. : Peter van den Heuvel, 3rd Comm. : Igor Vereshchagin, 4th Comm. : Bjorn Enemark

Section B : Any kind of Retro problems
Prize : Naoki Matsuzaki
Commendation : Marco Bonavoglia

Long Thematic Tourney

A) Tadashi Wakashima-60 Jubilee Tourney, #3 (PDF)
Prize : Alexander Feoktistov
1st Hon. Mention : Dieter Werner, 2nd HM : Eugene Fomichev
Comm. : Gennady Chumakov, Comm. : O. Comay and M. Erenburg and M. Witztum

B) Helpmate in 2.5 moves (PDF)
1st Prize : bernd ellinghoven, 2nd Prize : Menachem Witztum, 3rd Prize : Marko Klasinc
1st Hon. Mention : Menachem Witztum and bernd ellinghoven, 2nd HM : Ricardo de Mattos Vieira, 3rd HM : Vidmandas Satkus
Comm. : Valery Kopyl, Comm. : Mark Erenburg, Comm. : Ofer Comay, Comm. : Menachem Witztum and Ricardo de Mattos Vieira

3rd Bulgarian Wine Tourney (PDF)
1st-4th Prize : Petko Petkov, Vlaicu Crisan and Eric Huber, Ofer Comay and Paz Einat, Kostas Prentos, 5th Prize : Ricardo Vieira, 6th Prize : Mark Erenburg, 7th Prize : Michel Caillaud, Special Prize : Juraj Lorinc
1st Hon. Mention : Petko Petkov, 2nd HM : Mario Parinello, 3rd HM : Manfred Rittirsch, 4th HM : Mario Parinello, 5th HM : Julia Vysotska, 6th HM : Pierre Tritten, 7th HM : Manfred Rittirsch, 8th HM : James Quah and Michel Caillaud, 9th HM : Themis Argirakopoulos, 10th HM : Themis Argirakopoulos, 11th HM : Seetharaman Kalyan
Comm. : Mario Parinello, Comm. : bernd ellinghoven and Kjell Widlert, Comm. : Rudolfo Riva, Comm. : Dieter Mueller, Special Comm. : Igor Vereshchagin

10th Romanian Tzuica Tourney (PDF)

Orthodox Section
Special Prize : Petko Petkov
Commendation : Menachem Witztum, Special Commendation : Emanuel Navon

Fairy Section
1st Prize : Manfred Rittirsch, 2nd Prize : Diyan Kostadinov
1st Hon. Mention : Frantisek Sabol, 2nd HM : Juraj Lorinc, 3rd HM : Mario Parinello
Commendation : Julia Vysotska

12th Japanese Sake Tourney (PDF)
1st Prize : Hans Uitenbroek, 2nd Prize : Thomas Maeder, Special Prize : Michel Caillaud, Special Prize : Naoki Matsuzaki
1st Hon. Mention : Ricardo de Mattos Vieira, 2nd HM : Kjell Widlert
Comm. : Kjell Widlert, Comm. : Kjell Widlert, Comm. : Diyan Kostadinov

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