Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Task from Nikos Pergialis (2)

From mr Nikos Pergialis comes another task (a six-bullet-gun, as he said) with Royal Battery. (The previous one is here)
(In the Royal battery one King moves discovering a piece which checks the other King. We can have at most 6 variations in an orthodox problem. If this happens, the composer has achieved a task).

Comment by the composer ...

"If black attempts to give check, he dies instantly. Let some venerables see this six-bullet-gun, this Royal task with 12 pieces, and not be indifferent to the rules of chess composition.

 Ton a'thlo en anamoni' - (This task in waiting)
 sas ton parousia'zo - (I present to you)
 ki an ge'rasa re ma'gkes mou - (and though I am aged, my urchins)
 pa'nta mprosta' kita'zo - (I always look ahead).

(5 + 7)
Nikos Pergialis

Try : {1.exd5? [2.Ke4#] d3!}
Key : 1.Bd1! (zugzwang)
1...Sf2 2.Kxf2#
1...Sg3 2.Kxg3#
1...h2 2.Kg2#
1...d3 2.Ke3#
1...dxe4+ 2.Kxe4#
1...exf4 2.Kxf4#

The composer likes problems with a few pieces and ideal mates. Sometimes he accompanies them with verses. We will present more problems by the last rembetis Nikos Pergialis.

Thursday, October 04, 2012



On occasion of 11th Warsaw Solving Grand Prix the Mazovian Chess Society announces the international tourney in following section:

h#2 with set play – judge Eugeniusz Iwanow
s#3 with try/tries– judge Waldemar Tura

E. Iwanow, 1st PR OZSz. Częstochowa 1982
White Kh1 Rg7 Ph3
Black Kh4 Bg4 Sf4. (3+3) h#2*    
1...Kh2 2.Sh5 R:g4#
1.Kh5 h4 2.Sg6 Rh7#

W. Tura, Phénix 1994
White Ke8 Qg5 Bh2 Pd7 Pe7
Black Ke6 Qh8 Bg8 Sf2 Pb7 Pg6 Pg7 Ph7. (5+8) s#3        
1.d8Q? ~ 2.Qf4/Qgd5+ 1...Se4!
1.Kf8! ~ 2.e8R+ K:d7 3.Qd5+ Bd5#
1...Se4 2.d8S+ Kd7 3.Qg4+ Be6#
1...K:d7 2.Qd5+ Kc8 3.Qe6+  B:e6#

Zeropositions, fairy pieces and conditions not allowed.

In each group there are 3 prizes.

Closing date: October 31st 2012.

Award will be ready by November 25th 2012.

Problems (on diagrams or in notation) with the complete solution send to: