Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Task from Nikos Pergialis (2)

From mr Nikos Pergialis comes another task (a six-bullet-gun, as he said) with Royal Battery. (The previous one is here)
(In the Royal battery one King moves discovering a piece which checks the other King. We can have at most 6 variations in an orthodox problem. If this happens, the composer has achieved a task).

Comment by the composer ...

"If black attempts to give check, he dies instantly. Let some venerables see this six-bullet-gun, this Royal task with 12 pieces, and not be indifferent to the rules of chess composition.

 Ton a'thlo en anamoni' - (This task in waiting)
 sas ton parousia'zo - (I present to you)
 ki an ge'rasa re ma'gkes mou - (and though I am aged, my urchins)
 pa'nta mprosta' kita'zo - (I always look ahead).

(5 + 7)
Nikos Pergialis

Try : {1.exd5? [2.Ke4#] d3!}
Key : 1.Bd1! (zugzwang)
1...Sf2 2.Kxf2#
1...Sg3 2.Kxg3#
1...h2 2.Kg2#
1...d3 2.Ke3#
1...dxe4+ 2.Kxe4#
1...exf4 2.Kxf4#

The composer likes problems with a few pieces and ideal mates. Sometimes he accompanies them with verses. We will present more problems by the last rembetis Nikos Pergialis.

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