Sunday, March 31, 2013

K. T., 35 years ago

I found in scraps of an old newspaper more-mover compositions by a Greek composer unknown to me. K. T.. The Internet has info about a K. T., player of the oldest chess club of Greece (Piraeus Club of Chessplayers), born 31-05-1946.
If these compositions are actually by him, we would be glad to publish more of his work.

K. T.,
newspaper Eleftherotypia, 08-10-1977
rq2R3/pR1p2pb/3bP1k1/2p1pSPp/2K1P2P/8/8/8 (8 + 11)
Mate in 5 moves

Main variation : 1.Re7! Qh8! 2.Rexd7 Rg8 (if 2...Bf8 3.Rxg7+ Qxg7 4.Rxg7+ Bxg7 5.Se7#) 3.Rxa7! (Zugzwang) Bf8 4.Re7! Bxe7 5.Sxe7#

Comment by Alkinoos : Replacing bBh7 with bPh7 the problem has a solution in 6 moves :

1.Re7! [2.Rxg7#] Qh8 2.Rexd7 [3.Rxg7+ Qxg7 4.Rxg7#] Rg8 3.Rxd6 [4.Se7#] Re8 4.Rdd7 [5.Rxg7+ Qxg7 6.Rxg7#].

This problem is found to be mirror image of a composition by Kubbel, as you can see here :
K. T.,
8/8/4s2q/8/5p1p/8/3RR2K/2k5 (3 + 5)
Mate in 12 moves

1.Ra2! [2.Ra1# / Re1#] Kb1
2.Reb2+ Kc1
3.Rf2 [4.Ra1# / Rf1#] Kb1
4.Rad2 [5.Rd1# / Rf1#] Kc1
5.Rde2 [6.Re1# / Rf1#] Kd1
6.Rb2 [7.Rb1# / Rf1#] Kc1
7.Rfc2+ Kd1
8.Rg2 [9.Rb1# / Rg1#] Qg6
9.Rxg6 [10.Rg1#] Sg5
10.Rxg5 [11.Rg1#] Kc1
11.Rf2 [12.Rg1#]

(9…Kc1 10.Rf2 [11.Rg1#] Sg5 11.Rxg5 [12.Rg1#])
(8…Kc1 9.Rbe2 [10.Re1# Rg1#] Kd1 10.Ref2 [11.Rf1# / Rg1#] Ke1 11.Kg1 [12.Rf1#])

This problem is found to be mirror image of a composition by Maksimowitsch, as you can see here


Peter said...

Unfortunately, the first problem of Kostas Tampouras is anticipated.

The real author is a Russian master L. Kubbel, his problem was published in Italian chess periodic "Il Problema" in 1933 and awarded first prize.

Link to the problem:

Greetings from Poland

Peter said...

I checked also the second one and it's anticipated as well.

Link to the second problem:

In both cases the Greek composer used mirror image through a chessboard to set almost identical positions.

Emmanuel Manolas said...

Peter from Poland, thank you for your comments.
It is sad to find that one problem is anticipated. When you find two, with the method of mirroring, it is twice as sad.
It is my fault also that I did not search thoroughly all the problem databases. I regret this situation.
Thanks again.