Friday, March 15, 2013

New blog for Tourneys and Awards

Dear readers, I think that

** the friends of chess composition need a central service for publication of 
(1) tourney announcements and
(2) awards of each tourney.

** For this purpose, a blog will be used, named chess-compose,

** The administrators can come from various countries speaking English, Russian, German, Italian or any needed language.

** Each post will be a tourney with key like "2013-03-08 JT Composer-Name-50", where the date will be the deadline date.
 (The post will be published and then its date of publication will be changed to be the deadline date. So the "current" tourneys will be staying on top until their deadline is reached).
 The post can possibly contain only the link to the relevant site of country, magazine or person.

** Each post will have tags, (like #2, #3, #n, h#n, s#n, fairy, Tourney_Formal, etc), to facilitate the search. 

** When an award is published, its link will be appended to the relevand tourney.
 This blog will not be a rival of various excellent sites, just a central service.
 I have created it, but I can not support it alone, because I do not have information about all tourneys and awards and surely I do not speak all needed languages!

 If you think you can serve as administrator, please send a private message to me.
Thank you!

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