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Some news

In this post there are news about chess-relevant publications and tourneys of chess compositions.


The British Chess Problem Society, (BCPS), has been the publisher of magazine "The Problemist" since many decades. Inside this magazine there were interesting insets. Now you can found them in pdf form using the link

Many important articles and new compositions are published at the site of Julia Vysotska ( For example, you may read an article, published initially in the magazine StrateGems (No.51, 2010), "The Wonderful (new genre) Parry Series", written by the Grand Master Μαιτρ Petko A. Petkov. The page with the articles is

In the Award of the tourney "MT Istokovics Ferenc 70" we see the Greek composer Pavlos Moutecidis with a self-mate in ten moves. See here.

A proposal for a new chess variant, Singularity Chess, was published in the site
Please, do not ask me to compose problems on such a chessboard!

Announcements of chess composition tourneys

Magazine TROLL - Problemschach
Turnierausschreibung 2013-2014 (tourney announcement)

TROLL Zweijahres-Informalturniere: (TROLL announces 2-year-tourneys for orthodox #2, #3, #n)
#2 Preisrichter: N.N.
#3 Preisrichter: N.N.
#n Preisrichter: N.N.
post: Udo Degener, Stephensonstr. 47, D - 14482 Potsdam, Germany
The chess composition site KoBulChess announces Informal tourneys for 2013 in the following sections : twomovers, threemovers, helpmate, selfmate and fairy problems.

The Union Problemistas’s Argentina of Chess announces the tournament of composition to commemorate Mario Guido García’s 65th birthday.

Prizes: Books. Honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded
The preliminary award of tourney will be sent to participants by e-mail and will be published on the website of Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez (UAPA)

The competition will be realized in the following sections:
Part A -PROBLEMS- Send entries until July 31, 2013:
2# – Judge José Coello Alonso (España)
3# – Judge Alberto R. Rodríguez (Argentina)
n# – Judge Mykola Chernyavskyj (Ucrania)
Helpmates – Judge Christer Jonson Suecia)
Selfmates – Judge Frank Richter (Alemania) – Indicate the program used in the verification

Theme of compositions free- not more than three per composer– send to the tourney director and judge associate in mates direct: Mario Guido García (Note: Qualification of the problems from 1 to 4 points, elaborate for three experts in the resolution. The report is not binding, on the judges).

Part B -STUDIES- Send entries until June 22, 2013
Theme free in two sections : a) Win and b) Draw
Judge: Mario G. García (Argentina)

Entries – not more than three per composer for each section – send to the tourney director : Harold van der Heijden.

Gravure-2013, (8-10 pieces)
We are pleased to announce tournament of Gravure problems. The goals are:
- promotion of problems with 8-10 pieces;
- promotion the following components of solution: difficulty, depth, beauty.

Sections of the tournament: #2, #3, #N, H#2, H#2.5-3, S#3-10.
Chief Judge is Igor Agapov (Russia).

The last date for sending the compositions is June 30, 2013 via e-mail: .

Tendering organizer with support of “Avanta” Company.
Tournament director is Ferdinand Bagautdinov.

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