Friday, August 23, 2013

A simple nine-mover

At this time of the year, those composers wanting to participate to the Tourneys of the World Congress of Chess Composition, are over their chessboards trying for their best. I am one of them and I am sorry if the posts in this blog are not frequent.
New tourneys are continuously announced, some of them open for composers from all over the world (not only for the participants of the congress).
Sometimes we go astray, not following the strict guidelines of the judges, and we make other compositions, just for fun.
Today's nine-mover could be sent to one of the Batumi tourneys if it was difficult and two-mover! But it is not, so I present it to you as an exercise. If you write a comment with the solution, please include the specific one of the tourneys I was implying.

Emmanuel Manolas, Greece

1B1q4/3r4/rpp2pS1/2RB3s/p7/8/2K5/k7 (5 + 9)
#9, Mate in nine moves

The solution will be posted here in a few days
1.Rc3! [2.Ra3#]
1…a3 2.Kb3 [3.Rc1#] Kb1 3.Be4+ Rd3 4.Bxd3+ Qxd3 5.Rxd3 [6.Rd1#] Kc1 6.Bf4+ Sxf4 7.Sxf4 [8.Se2+ Kb1 9.Rd1#]

The relevant tourney is 25th TT SPIŠSKÁ BOROVIČKA.

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