Monday, October 14, 2013

Nikos Pergialis, an evergreen composer

As we have already mentioned, Nikos Pergialis is a special kind of composer.

He is composer and singer of rebetiko songs, the last rebetis of our time. Here you can listen him singing a song written by the great Markos Vamvakaris :

He is also a composer of chess problems, favoring beautiful and frugal positions.

Today we will see two direct-mate two-movers and two helpmates, a three-mover and a four-mover.

Nikos Pergialis, Greece
5R2/4p1p1/8/8/4pP1R/4Pk2/5P2/5K2 (6 + 4)
Set play: {1…e5 2.fxe5# [A]}, {1…g5 2.fxg5# [B]}

Tries: {1.Rh3+? / Rg4? K(x)g4!}

Key: 1.f5! [2.Rf4#]
1…e5 2.fxe6 e.p.# [C]
1…g5 2.fxg6 e.p.# [D]

Two mates by en passant capture.
Two changed mates, between set play and post-key play.
From 8 up to 12 pieces, it is a Meredith.

The composer says:
I am not going to reach old and new chessplayers and all the problem-makers
because it happened to me to lose all my prolific years.

Nikos Pergialis, Greece
8/1B6/S7/k2r2Qr/8/KR5b/4s3/8 (5 + 5)
Tries: {1.Qd2+? [A] Rxd2!}, {1.Qxd5+? [B] Rxd5!}, {1.Qd8+? [C] Rxd8!}

Key: 1.Sb8! [2.Sc6#]
1…Sd4 2.Qd2# [A]
1…Rh6 2.Qxd5# [B]
1…Bd7 2.Qd8# [C]
1…Rb5 2.Rxb5#

Theme Gamage (White can unpin a black piece, because Black has just interfered with it).
Black correction (Black plays 1...Rd5-b5 to correct the inherent error of the move 1...Bh3-d7).
Move Pelle (the pinned Rd5 moves, remaining pinned).
It is Imperial, having no pawns.
From 8 up to 12 pieces, it is a Meredith.

Nikos Pergialis, Greece
8/8/P1qk1K2/8/8/8/8/8 (2 + 2)
h#3, a) diagram 2 solutions, b) wPa6 goes to e6
1.Qb7 axb7 2.Kc7 Ke6 3.Kd8 b8=Q#
1.Qc8 a7 2.Kd7 a8=Q 3.Ke8 Qxc8#

b) with wPe6
1.Qd7 Kg6 2.Ke7 exd7 3.Kf8 d8=Q#

The pieces make 18 moves, all different.
Three ideal mates are formed (all the pieces take part), all similar.
Chameleon mates (bK is mated on squares of different colour).
Up to 4 pieces, it is a Weningsteiner.

Nikos Pergialis, Greece
4K3/6p1/4k3/8/1PP3PP/3B4/8/8 (6 + 2)
h#4, 2 solutions

1.Kd6 Kd8 2.Kc6 Kc8 3.Kb6 Kb8 4.Ka6 c5#

1.Kf6 Be2 2.Kg6 Kf8 3.Kh6 Kg8 4.g6 g5#

Model mates (bK and every flight are observed or blocked by only one piece).
Theme Indian.
The White battery is direct (threatening the bK), or indirect (observing a flight).
From 8 up to 12 pieces, it is a Meredith.

The composers says:
Let us take a walk hand in hand, my foolish Black King,
and if I am preparing your funeral, blame the anomaly.

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