Monday, November 11, 2013

Greek selfmate from 1946

Mr Panagis Sklabounos discovered and sent to me a selfmate by Ioannis V. Koutalidis, which was published in the Greek magazine "Helios" in 28 Aug. 1946.
As I have mentioned elsewere, mr I. Koutalidis, editor of the chess column of the magazine, motivated and decidedly cultivated the talent of young composers (Vyron Zappas, Nikos Siotis, Dimitris Kapralos) of that time

In a selfmate, White plays first and forces Black (who is resisting) to give mate.

Ioannis Koutalidis
"Helios", 28-VIII-1946

rks2R2/pb6/P1pP4/2P3p1/1R4p1/8/5pPB/5K2 (8 + 9)
s#3, selfmate threemover

Key: 1.Be5!
1... g3 2.Rb1 g4 3.Bb2 Bxa6#

It uses a white interference.

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