Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 is almost past

The year 2013 has given me joy with international distinctions, as similarly happened to various Greek composers and I am happy for them when they achieve better awards than me!
There were also some cooperations, not yet published, which gave me great satisfaction with their beautiful results.

This same year I was disappointed when I tried to organize regular gatherings for friends of chess compositions in a place, for exchanging news and ideas.
There was no significant interest or maybe there was not enough publicity for this matter.
If someone is learning about this just now and is interested, he can contact me.

In the next year 2014 I suppose that things will become better.
There is a new move by Nikos Mendrinos, The Cup of Greece, solving contests happening simultaneously in many cities of Greece. I hope that this will give the needed push to increase of the number of the Chess Composition friends.

Let 2014 be a good year for everyone!
Manolas Emmanuel

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