Monday, August 25, 2014

News from Bern, (1), Sunday

As you know, we participate in the World Conference for Chess Composition, which will be held this year in Bern, Switzerland.

We arrived yesterday flying with Alitalia (Athens - Rome with delay, running then to catch the flight Rome - Zuerich), two friends lost their buggage, and we went by an electric, robust, fast and quiet train to Bern. The Switzerland is green all over and full of industries. Its villages are full of pretty houses.

Today the sun is shining and we admire the pretty city. Quiet, clean, build with uncluttered nice old houses, at most 4 stories high. The transportation are noiseless, electrical, having instant information in tables inside and outside of the vehicles. There are a few cars and many bicycles.

The hotel has minimal offers, no sampoo, no closet, no fridge, no telephone for awakening, nor other such silly things. The cost seems huge for our wallet, and it is a lucky coincidence that the Greek Chess Federation is NOT supporting us, so it has no danger to go bankrupt. The television is working nicely, showing about sixty channels speaking german / english / french / arab / chinese. The internet is fast and free.

Today we went by téléférique to an excellent park up a hill inside the woods. The children are joyful playing many games and the grown-ups have he opportunity to walk in paths among the trees.

The weather can be very cold there, so the cows pasturing there have long brown hair. The black with white patches model is for low altitude areas.

Basic info about Bern and about Suisse habits you can find in a series of articles here.

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