Tuesday, August 26, 2014

News from Bern, (2), Monday

Actually, I came to the World Congress for Chess Composition (WCCC) for the chess composing tourneys.
I gave some compositions of mine to various judges and, having free time, I went to the Open Solving Tournament to see if Mr Axel Steinbrick will beat us down with his selections. As you can see in the results here, I am in the first 100! (Also, this was the number of participants).

Result? Laments, with the world champions in the middle positions. (Thus, the new solvers must have hopes!) If you want to exercise yourself with these problems, cover the solutions and set the time limit to three hours. (I have tried my luck with 5 problems from the 12).

At 20:30 the Quick composing tourney started, ending at midnight. They asked for two-movers direct-mate or help-mate (2# or h#2) with the fairy piece Lion, of the category Hurdle jumpers. (Lion moving in Queen lines, from starting square to ending/capturing square there should be only one occupied square. The piece in that occupied square is the hurdle. There are also Rook-lions moving in Rook lines, and Bishop-lions moving in Bishop lines).
The quirk was that the hurdle should change color when the Lion were jumping over it (an exception is when hurdle is the King). The problem solving program WinChloe could not handle it correctly, and for the program Popeye a download of version 4.69 from the Internet was necessary, in order to check the correctness of my composition. I worked together with Kostas Prentos until midnight, we gave to the judge an easy entry, and we promise to continue working to finish the "masterpiece" which we could not have ready in time.
(See here one composition of ours with controversial comments).

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