Thursday, August 28, 2014

News from Bern, (4), Wednesday

The 38th World Solving Championship is over.

Personal ranking of the Solvers here.
In the first places, World Champion the Polish Piorun Kacper 81 points out of maximum 90, second is the Polish Murdzia Piotr 81 points out of 90 but he spent more time, and third is the Serb Vuckovic Bojan 79,4 points out of 90.
The Greek solvers Prentos Kostas, Mendrinos Nikos and Konidaris Panagiotis in places 33, 50, 73 respectively. Congratulations to all solvers!

Team ranking of the Countries here.
In the first places Poland, Azerbaidjan, Israel.
Greece in the 17th place.

The 18 problems are here, for anyone wanting to solve them.

The solutions of the 18 problems are here, for anyone wanting to study them.

In the evening, at the contest Solving Show, with participants 32 of the best solvers in the world, in first place finished the British John Nunn, winning at the last moment the Serb Marjan Kovačević.

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